I wish I could tell my 17yr old self


1. School is much more important than you think it is. Learning never stops.

2. Worrying about what everyone else thinks about your hair, clothes, etc. isn’t important. They are all worrying about the same stupid things.

3. Art is important. Don’t let counselors tell you otherwise. Express yourself, you are creative.

4. You don’t have to do things just to please others. Stand up for yourself. If they get mad, tough. If someone loves you, they will get over it. If not, oh well.

5. There will be those who say they are your friends, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

6. Get a camera, a good used 35mm. You will be hooked on photography and the more you learn the better you will be.

7. That data processing class you take will be worth absolutely nothing in the future. You will become pretty savvy with computers though.

8. When you think you have fallen in love, you really haven’t. It’s just a crush. When it really happens you’ll know, love hits you like a speeding train. It makes your heartbeat flutter so fast you think it will pop out of your chest when he looks at you and after 28 years together he still makes you feel like that. Believe me, save your heart for him.

9. Take lots of pictures, lots of them.

10. When Grandma cooks pay attention, ask questions. Let her teach you, especially her coconut cake.

11. Say “I love you” to those you do.

12. Don’t drink. Don’t drink & drive. Period. It’s not cool, it’s not fun. It’s just plain stupid and by the grace of God you are alive. Someday you will have kids and you certainly don’t want them to drink & drive.

13. Don’t smoke either. It’s a nasty habit and it will take you years to quit. No one likes kissing an ashtray anyway.

14. When you think your world is coming to an end, hang on because it gets good, really good….I mean really, really good! )

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  1. Nice list.Good to drop by and say Hello!

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