Down the Rabbit Hole

Or that’s what it seems like. It’s been over a year since I made a post in my little garden here and boy, has a lot happened in that year! One of the biggest is we moved from Texas to Georgia for the hubby’s job. We love Georgia and are so happy to be back here. Though it was hard leaving our son and daughter-in-law back in Texas, we do what we have too. Thankfully they have come to see us already. Our daughter moved with us, she is going to finish college here. It’s nice to have her with us and she loves it here also. She made lots of friends when we were here three years ago so she’s always busy!

After our precious Rocky passed, the house just wasn’t the same so somehow, someway we convinced the Mister into letting us adopt two kitties that are sisters. (He’s not a big fan of cats). They are now over a year old and the most spoiled little darlings! Mine is Elphie, named after “Elphaba” the witch from my all time favorite Broadway play “Wicked!”

Elphie’s sister is Bella, her name comes from Madame ¬†Bellatrix Lastrange from “Harry Potter.” Yes, we named our cats after witches, was it a good idea? Probably not seeing they both are very mischevious little buggers!


They both have been a real joy and keep us laughing with their antics. And by the way, hardwood floors are awesome with cats, they slide all over place to the great amusement of humans!

Well, let’s see if I can bring this little garden back to life. I missed it and maybe, hopefully you have missed it too.¬† )

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4 Responses to Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. craziequeen says:

    Hello there, my lovely Rosie – welcome back to the garden. If anyone can breathe life into these Yellow Roses, you can.
    Loving the piccies of your new girls – it’s always good when the pain is assuaged by new life smile

  2. Janet says:

    welcome back!!!

  3. Liz says:

    Why, yes, yes I have — welcome back!!!

  4. DeWayneHamby says:

    Welcome back, my friend!

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