Thursday Thirteen #117


1. It’s been a fun (note the sarcasm) week here…please allow me to whine a little. sentimental

2. The flu has hit our home and hit hard. First I started with the flu, then it moved to upper respiratory infection with severe ear infection with my eardrum about to rupture (that’s been extremely fun roll ) and a cough that has been non-stop. Two things I have learned…I understand now why babies scream when they have ear infections and breathing is a luxury.

3. Though we go through gallons of anti-bacterial gel, Miss Priss got sick anyhow. She’s miserable and has had to miss a few days of work which she has hated more than anything. Her boss has given her strict instructions not to come back till she’s virus free!! No passing it around! lol (She has a really great boss, btw, her aunt mrgreen )

4.  To make our mini hospital complete, Brandon was playing volleyball Sunday at his fiancés and blew his knee out. MRI results showed that he has a complete tear of his ACL, he sees the orthopedic surgeon Thursday morning. Of course, this was his once good knee, his other knee he has had three surgeries on already. roll

5. Are we having fun yet? ? :

6. My birthday is Monday, I’m turning 44….I’m feeling more like 74 right at the moment. ( We normally go out and celebrate birthdays….think we’ll have to postpone my celebration, no one here feels much like partying.

7. We have a really busy weekend next weekend though, Thursday night Miss Priss and I, along with my sister and niece are going to the midnight showing of Twilight!! luv We’ve been looking forward to this for months! Any of you going to see Twilight?

8. Friday night Miss Priss and I are going to see Celtic Thunder in concert. Men in kilts and Celtic music…good mother daughter bonding!

9. Saturday D and I are leaving for San Antonio for a romantic weekend to celebrate our 25th anniversary which is the 26th of this month. We have a big trip to Ireland and Scotland planned as our 25th anniversary present to each other, but since the weather there isn’t the greatest this time of year, we are going in May, but we wanted to do something to mark the occasion…it is 25 years!!! )

10. Thanksgiving is just around the corner…man, time is flying by! We will be spending the day at my mom’s. My sister and her family will be there and my grandparents….it’ll be fun, we haven’t spent a full holiday together in a few years. I’m really looking forward to it! I’m bringing my Praline Sweet Potatoes and Corn Casserole. What’s your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?

11. And I haven’t kept you up to date on Suki’s adventures, so….here’s a few of her recent:

 Suki meets Godiva....Heaven!

 Suki meets Godiva…and falls in Love!!! luv


Suki wants to travel the world! 

Suki wants to travel the world, staring in Europe and working her way around!


Suki say's swimming in Jelly Belly's is like a slice of heaven!  

 Suki says swimming in Jelly Belly’s is like a slice of heaven! innocent  

 If you want to keep up with my “One Object 365 Days Project” starring Suki, here is the link:

Sherry’s Digital Bliss on Flickr

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11 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #117

  1. yasmin says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re under the weather…hope you feel better soon and a pre-Happy b-day wish!
    Happy TT

    yasmins last blog post..Thursday Thirteen, World Kindness Day

  2. Bernie says:

    Nice list and I really hope you and your family get over the flu very quickly and soon.

    Bernies last blog post..13 Things to Consider before Hiring

  3. Paula says:

    Hope everyone gets well soon….

    Paulas last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #4

  4. carmen says:

    Firstly, happy early birthday! Secondly, I hope you’re feeling better now, and thirdly, have a great anniversary trip!

    carmens last blog post..Thursday 13 v. 71 Things About Meme

  5. Lazy Daisy says:

    Go ahead and Whine….you are entitled! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday. Feel better sis.

    Lazy Daisys last blog post..Thursday Thirteen…13 things I wish I had invented

  6. Jane says:

    Poor baby! I am SO sorry your household is sick. Whine all you want…’s OK!
    Get better soon and enjoy your birthday, your anniversary and Thanksgiving.
    Love ya, miss ya and wish I was there to help you!! smile

    Janes last blog post..Memories Are SO Precious

  7. PQNation says:

    party Happy Early birthday and I hope all of you feel better soon!!

    I friggin love your emoticons and your blog, btw )

    Happy TT!

  8. Miranda says:

    Aww…sucks when everyones under the weather. shrug Hope you’re all feeling better soon!

    Mirandas last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #11

  9. Lifecruiser says:

    It seems like something that passes around the world now, the germs. I’ve been sick to, but not as bad as you, you poor thing. And the others i your family too. Well, maybe you have filled your quote this week, so you don’t have to have any bad things happening for quite a while now…? *hopes*

    Celtic Thunder and San Antonio sounds great. I wished I could go too… and Ireland… *sigh* Well, I agree with you waiting until May, it’s better to get wait for the weather or else you may not get all out of it that you can.

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden at all. Though it sounds nice, I’m all for traditions.

    Get weel and stay well, all of you!

  10. Lifecruiser says:

    Oh, I’d better say: Happy anniversary, thanksgiving and birthday all together, just in case….


  11. Janet says:

    ok, I’m trying this again…I commented earlier and it wouldn’t take -(

    Hope everyone feels better soon! Oooh, that burst eardrum hurts SO BAD! It happened to me…gah.

    Yup, going to see Twilight, but not at midnight -)

    Love the jellybean shot!

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