Photo Hunt – “Sad”

Truck Ruins, originally uploaded by Sherry’s Digital Bliss.

This photo was taken in the ghost town of Cuervo, New Mexico. This truck ruins looks so sad to me, but I loved how the shadows played on the cab. It maybe sad, but if it could talk, I bet it would have some great stories to tell!



Update: My trip to the ER resulted in a diagnosis of Diverticulitis. I’m feeling somewhat better today, thanks to heavy doses of antiboitics and pain meds. Been a rough couple of days…looking forward to a break! shrug

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7 Responses to Photo Hunt – “Sad”

  1. Lifecruiser says:

    Yes, that is a wonderful old truck with lots of great history – oh, if it could talk! It would be fantastic to get the story. I just love old things.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t well yet! I know how tough it can be. i hope the antibiotics kicks in real hard now then.


  2. Baker Watson says:

    I really like this photo. The colors are great. And the way it is tucked away, never to run again is a bit sad. It is strange to think that one day someone climbed behind the wheel with a smile when it was brand new. One wonders how many smiles and how many miles it saw in its day.


    Baker Watsons last blog post..Sad? Well Just a Tad

  3. What a wondedrful picture, dear YR…I find it sad, too!

    Sorry to hear about your Medical problems….I have kniwn quite a few people with Divurticulitis….My father had it waaaay back in 1945….There is so much more they can do now….I hope you will be feeling ever so much better, very quickly!

  4. A lovely photo. Yes, I’d love to know the trucks stories!

    I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and post your link.

    Mrs. Mecombers last blog post..FFQF: John Adams on Virtue

  5. deb says:

    Great picture, Sherry! Every time I see an abandoned truck like that, I’m a little sad for it sad They do make nice photo ops, though lol!

    Diverticulitis?? Oh my. I’ve had that going on for the past year, Sherry. Sorry you’re having to deal with it and I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been hospitalized twice since last December with it. No fun! Watch what you eat and get plenty of rest!

  6. saint2 says:

    I like old derelict scenes too. They make great photoshoot opportunities.

  7. Lifecruiser says:

    Thanks x millions for your nice birthday greetings! It’s really heartwarming -) I’m having the greatest day – hubby is making 3 course dinner! YUM!

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