Ten on Tuesday

10 Great Things That Happened This Summer

  1. Learned that my future DIL is a mean volleyball player, she can play on my team anytime! )
  2. Had a fabulous 4th of July party at our house with family and friends!
  3. Watched my husband walk across the stage to receive his Master’s Degree! luv
  4. Took a wonderful trip to Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico …lots of fun!
  5. Participated in the Share-a-Square project delivering of the afghans, one of the most amazing days ever!
  6. Received the most gorgeous diamond ring ever for our 25th wedding anniversary which is in November (I got it early ) )!
  7. Celebrated our daughter turning 20…we no longer have a teenager in the house! party
  8. Got a new camera lens for my Canon Rebel XTi! I’ve gotten some great shots with it! Look here to see!
  9. Was priviliged to have my beautiful niece come stay with me…even if that meant I had to hear about the “Jonas Brothers” at nauseum! roll
  10. Got to really dig into my reading list!

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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Susan says:

    Congrats on the ring for your anniversary, I always have a lens on my wish list ! Thanks for stopping by ! smile

    Susans last blog post..Silly Monkey Stories 9-23-08

  2. Marianne says:

    Nice list. I did a lot of reading too, one of my favorite things to do.

    Mariannes last blog post..Babysitting Central

  3. Janet says:

    those are some incredibly fantastic things!

    Janets last blog post..modern / primitive

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