Monday Musings & A Meme

It’s Monday…again. ) This weekend was pretty good, it was quiet on the home front. Miss Priss went to see her grandparents in East Texas, and Brandon was house-sitting for some friends. Just a taste of what life will be like as empty nesters. Not so bad….really! innocent

Friday, D and I watched “No Country for Old Men” and we were very disappointed! There was no ending!!! mad Honestly I was looking forward to this movie, I love Tommy Lee Jones, but the movie was  two thumbs down in our opinion. thumbsdown thumbsdown

Saturday we went to the casino, didn’t win a thing…should have stayed home, but we had fun…we always do. Sunday was spent at the casa, Brandon and Brittney were here and talk of the wedding was the topic of the day. I’m so glad she is a planner and so organized!! Makes me so happy!! )

So here’s to another week…

 Sanni has a new meme: The Handwriting Meme and I saw it over at Mar’s and with it being Monday…I’m playing!

And yes, you must do this in you own handwriting….

  1. Go ahead, get a piece of paper and a pen. Prepared? Okay!
  2. Write a pangram in your language.A pangram, also known as holalphabetic sentence, is a sentence that contains all letters of the alphabet at least once. “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” is a common example in English. There are pangrams in all languages – for a little inspiration spy *here*.
  3. Sign your paper with your first name or your nickname (not your signature!!!). You can also include your blog URL if you want to.
  4. Take a picture.
  5. Post it on your blog! Leave a comment here (or a trackback) once you have posted.
  6. Link back and tag – don’t be shy!

 Not tagging anyone, if you play, let me know! )

How was your weekend? Talk to me!

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4 Responses to Monday Musings & A Meme

  1. Janet says:

    wow, do you really write like that all the time! SO fancy! I’ll try this -)

    I recently watched “No Country for Old Men” too and I had the same response…HATED the ending!

    Janets last blog post..Manic Monday by Lisa and…$700 BILLION???

  2. Let me try this again. I left one and I got an error message. I have to agree with you about the movie. Everyone was like you have to watch it. I just didn’t get it! We also gave it big thumbsdown thumbsdown
    Wedding plans?? Details woman, details!

    Sheeshintx4ofakinds last blog post..Friday Fill-In #90

  3. Sanni says:

    Mhhh… okay. I hope you don’t get the comment twice, but I have to try again b/c I got an error message first.

    I absolutely LOVE your handwriting, Sherry. Just WOW! thumbsup Thank you so much for playing along.


    We were disappointed as well after watching “No Country for Old Men”, especially b/c of the ending.

    Have a great day.

    Sannis last blog post..Doodle Week: Gluttony

  4. Hey Sherry, I agree on “No Country.” I now see it as an “actor’s movie,” one that mainly benefits the actors over the audience. I’m not a happy-ending freak but I do enjoy some closure and that didn’t have any. Still, I liked the acting and a few good scenes in there.

    DeWayne Hambys last blog post..We’re Back!

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