Thursday Thirteen #112 – It’s Random!


1. It’s random this week cause that’s how I roll…. innocent

2. This past week I have spent the majority of my time working on a project for my nephew. If you live in Texas you know about the high school ”Homecoming Mum,” if you don’t, let me explain. It’s a gaudy  pretty, sparkly ribboned thang guys give to girls to wear the day of the Homecoming. And as with everything in Texas, the bigger the better. roll

3. Here is the front view of the one I made for my nephews girlfriend: (Miss Priss was my guinea pig model, she went through torture, just ask her). lol

4. And here is the back view….yes, there is a back piece too!

5. Here’s a closeup of the top:

6. Hopefully that’s the last one of those I’ll have to do in for awhile! Thankfully, I had some help, my future DIL and daughter lent a hand over the weekend.  I am so glad my son is marrying a crafting girl!!! )

7. Speaking of crafty girls…my future DIL has come up with the most beautiful wedding favors!! I found some vintage pearls for the favors on Etsy and ordered them and we both are so excited! I can’t wait to start putting them together.  Of course, photos will follow! )

8. My future DIL started her internship with the Dallas Mavericks today, in the accounting department. She was so excited. I can’t wait to hear how it went!

9. I have become addicted to grilled cheese sandwiches. But not just any grilled cheese, I have created the ultimate grilled cheese! )   I use sour dough bread, buttered, then sprinkle the buttered side with shredded parmesan cheese, then I layer my choice of cheese and ham between the two slices of sour dough on my George Foreman grill! Takes about 2 minutes and yum !!! It’s so good! The parmesan on the outside makes the difference!!

10. Well Ike didn’t do much here where we live, we got some rain and that’s about it. Right before we were married we went through Alicia in ’83, we were in the Houston area….it was a nightmare.  My heart goes out to those on the coast…they were pounded. Galveston is demolished.  

11. Has anyone read “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer? I’m reading it now, it took me awhile to get into it, it starts out kinda slow, but once I got through the first few chapters, I am actually liking it. If you have read it, what did you think?

12. I’m nursing my back right now, actually using my sons laptop from my bed (he’s sweet for sharing with his mama). Not sure what I did to hurt it, but I can hardly walk. I’m telling you, this getting older is starting to suck. )

13. Wanna see my new neighbor? Sure you do!


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15 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #112 – It’s Random!

  1. Very crafty indeed. You take care of that back. It’s nothing to fool with. Happy T13!

    Adelle Laudans last blog post..

  2. Janet says:

    wow, that’s so silvery and sparkly!!! Oh and those grilled cheeses sound GREAT!!!

    Janets last blog post..13 Ifs…

  3. Nicholas says:

    Your neighbour looks as though someone has just made a highly improper suggestion!

    Nicholass last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #65

  4. Julie says:

    The sandwich sounds yummy! love your new neighbor….how sweet. and last but not least, as a back pain sufferer, I feel for you! Get better soon. smile

    Julies last blog post..Thursday 13….. # 21

  5. Barbara H. says:

    They didn’t have that tradition when I was in high school in TX! I’ll have to ask my sisters if they did when they came along.

    Hope your back fels better soon.

    That sandwich sounds great!

    Barbara H.s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Commercials from my childhood

  6. Darla says:

    Oh, that sandwich sounds wonderful! I’m thinking tomorrow’s lunch will be delicious now.

    Boy, am I glad we were in Germany for the older son’s prom–especially since he went with 2 girls. We’ll be back in San Antonio for the younger one…. Can you buy those things? I’m not remotely crafty enough to make something like that–it’s gorgeous, btw.

    Darlas last blog post..TT #109

  7. Emma Sanders says:

    Yep, I’m from Texas, so I know all about the mum (is it only a Texas thing?) Wow, that is an awesome mum! I love the white and silver, and the sweet teddy bear.

  8. perpstu says:

    Your new neighbor is adorable! Don’t get to close to him wearing your big sash – he might try to munch on it!

    Happy TT!

    perpstus last blog post..TT#17 – Wonder Twin Powers…Activate!

  9. Qtpies7 says:

    That is not only amazing, but it is quite bizarre. Why would they wear something like that for homecoming? LOL I know, I know, don’t question teenagers.

  10. Jenn says:

    I too am addicted to grilled cheese. I use a lot of muenster in mine.
    Your neighbor is some kind of crazy. shrug

    Jenns last blog post..Thursday 13 #1

  11. I’m liking your new neighbor. )

    Happy TT, and I hope that your back feels better soon.

    Celticlibrarians last blog post..13 Facts About 18 September 2008

  12. Brenda ND says:

    The grilled cheese sounds yummy. I’ll have to try it.

    Brenda NDs last blog post..Want to pull in readers? Thirteen Tips from “Hooked” to help you do just that.

  13. Stacy says:

    I think random posts are the best, lots of bloggy goodness involved ) I also love how you worked in our new favorite phrase, that’s how I roll with it, LOL!

    I need to go write down, right now, to get sourdough bread on my next grocery run. Your grilled cheese sounds amazing!

    Let us know about your future DIL’s first day in the Mavericks office, sounds fun, probably a great place to work!

    Have a beautiful day )

  14. Donna says:

    Random lists seem to be the way to go this week. Love the mum, by the way. When I was a kid, we still used REAL giant mums on them and they were even heavier, especially when you had three or four flowers on it plus the teddy bear, plus the over-the-shoulder part… Silly thing was, I was in Band and couldn’t wear it except to the dance. roll

    My list is up… a random one!

    Donnas last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #16

  15. Jane says:

    Now THAT’S a Mum!!!!! Holy Cow.

    Janes last blog post..OK, Now, Enough is Enough!!!

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