Thursday Thirteen #101 – Totally Random!


1.  Today I had a little bird drama. I was out watering my plants and one of the pots on my patio apparently is home to a family of birds. When I turned the hose (it was on gentle shower) on that particular pot out hopped three little chicks.

2.  I was scared I may have hurt them but it didn’t seem so, as they hopped over to my back door! Now I was concerned what I needed to do to get them back over to “their” area. As I was contemplating this situation, I noticed that one chick was missing in action! I looked around, near my fountain, other plants, etc and no luck! I figured if I just left the area maybe they would get back together.

3.  I continued working in the backyard, skimming the pool when I noticed momma and poppa bird had returned and were frantically looking for their babies. Now I felt horrible! cry It dawned on as I saw the parents flying from one potted plant to another searching that the chick may have hopped into my garage.  So I called Miss Priss and together we searched, sure enough, there he was! (I say he cause only a he would go hide in the garage!). We finally got him out and returned him to the area where the other chicks were, momma and poppa were chirping away! I watched as the parents flew down to reunite with their babies. Boy did I feel better!

4. On to other things – I am so behind on my movie watching. I want to see:

I have some movie watching to do! But it’s hard to fit movie watching in the summer. So much to do, so little time! )

5.  If you had to choose just three movies to see this summer, which three would you see? 

6.  One of my favorite TV shows is back finally, So You Think You Can Dance!! I love this show! The dancers are amazing to me. I think there is a dancer hiding inside me waiting to burst out! innocent Haven’t picked a favorite yet….we’ll see who grabs my attention tonight.

7.  I found a new lotion for my summer skin. thumbsup I use so much lotion in the summer, that I hate buying expensive stuff as I use it 2-4 times a day to prevent my skin looking bad. Well I have found an awesome lotion, it’s c. Booth’s 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion in Coconut Fig (smells soooo good! luv ) , here’s what it says on the front of the bottle:

  • A potent combo of alpha hydroxy acids works tirelessly to ditch dead skin cells and even out skin tones so even sun-damaged areas look healthy and happy.
  • Sweet almond, apricot kernel and shea butter oils work in perfect harmony to hydrate needy skin.
  • Vitamins and minerals perform like superheroes, valiantly fighting off the dastardly deeds of the harsh environmental forces that threaten our skin.
  • Caffeine firms and tones less-than-taut skin, making it feel youthful, revitalized and wide awake.
  • Best thing- for a 32 oz. bottle, it was only 9.99!! cool Oh and I got it at Walgreens!

    8.  Remember I told you about “Hope in a Tube” and “Hope in a Jar” in a recent TT? Let me tell you, if you are looking for the perfect facial moisturizer, this is it folks! “Hope in a Tube” is a miracle worker, I’m so serious! The tiny lines around my eyes and mouth…GONE!! I luv this stuff! I am of the mind that if I find something that works, share the love! mrgreen

    9.  So is there any product you have found that you just can’t live without that you need to share with me? innocent

    10.  Miss Priss is in the beginning stages of a new crafting business adventure. She’s making picture frames and such, they are really cute! I’ll post photos and info about them as soon as she’s ready to launch!

    11. The SAS Bag Project has almost reached it’s goal!! This week I received a package from Japan from  blogger, Miki who made six beautiful bags for the project. (I’ll be posting a whole post with photos of all the bags I’ve received in a few days. So stay tuned!) It was exciting to just get a package from Japan!! The stamps are beautiful!

    12.  Along with the bags, Miki included this cutie for me, I named her Saki! She’s sitting on my computer monitor right now!

    13.  Can you believe it, it’s been a year since Share A Square started!!!!! party To me, it’s been an awesome project that I have loved being a part of. I look forward to going with Shelly to distribute the afghans that were made with so much love from around the world!


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    8 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #101 – Totally Random!

    1. Brenda ND says:

      Birds build nests in the craziest places. Happy TT! smug

      Brenda NDs last blog post..Thirteen Favorite Fictional Heroines

    2. Lori says:

      Great list…you had a little bit of everything. Ironman was great but Sex and the City is a MUST, MUST, MUST see, I loved it!!…..Happy TT.

      Loris last blog post..TT #65

    3. I think this season of So you Think You Can Dance is going to be the best one yet. Tonight was fabulous! I really want to see The Love Guru when it comes out. Happy T13! Glad the birds were okay.

      Adelle Laudans last blog post..

    4. Forgetfulone says:

      Great T13! I’ve already seen Indiana Jones. I want to see Made of Honor, but the others, I’ll wait for DVD. I have so many books to read right now as well as movies in my netflix queue, I could be busy for years!

      Forgetfulones last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #30

    5. Stacy says:

      That’s a jam packed T13! Glad the babies and parents are ok and reunited. I would have been upset too )

      As for movies, we saw Ironman already and really liked it. I thought we were the last ones to go see Indy, so I’m glad that you haven’t made it yet either! We also want to see The Dark Knight and maybe Hancock when they come out. I’ll wait for Made of Honor on DVD… we like to see “big screen” movies at the theater in the summer and the rest can wait for Netflix.

      I am starting to have lines around my mouth. What gives? My mom had them, but she smoked most of her life. I’m dismayed to find that I am going to have them too. Need to find some of that miracle stuff in a tube, thanks for the tip!

      Have a great day!

      Stacys last blog post..Black Thumb

    6. Janet says:

      Hey…how would you like to write about products you love? A friend of mine has a blog, and she’s looking for more contributors … tell her I sent you -)

      That’s a cute lil kitty and those squares are AWESOME!!!

      Janets last blog post..Friday Fill-Ins #76

    7. Alice Audrey says:

      I saw Ironman a couple of weeks ago. It was great!

      Alice Audreys last blog post..Suzie’s House 71: The Outsider

    8. Barbara says:

      oh, how blessed you are to be able to go with Shelly to deliver the afghans!!! I had hoped to be there, too, but things got a little . . . well, things happen for a reason, right? I will not be there in person, but, let me tell you . . . you will have a whole lot of my heart with you! Thanks for all you’ve done!

      barbara aka PurpleMoose luv

      Barbaras last blog post..old dogs

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