Let It Be Over, Please!


Well it’s been kinda rough the last few days. Not like just one thing, but a few things that just made it not pleasant. To top things off, D was putting gas in my still new Caddy Sunday night and I hear him say something loud and not very nice. He calls for me, so I hop out and he shows me that someone has hit my….*this hurts folks*…car!!!! mad Looks like someone caught their bumper pulling in or out in a parking lot, and we narrowed it down that it probably happened with the valets at the casino. UGH!! You really can’t even see it, unless you know it’s there…BUT, I know it and it kills me! So my beautiful car will have to go in and get fixed. (

We were on our way to dinner when we found that, so I was quite upset and wanted “comfort” food. I ordered chicken fried steak, (I know, I know, not on my diet, but what comfort food is?), but guess what happens? When the food gets to the table I get chicken fried chicken…folks it’s not the same thing! After the day I had had, (earlier in the day we had a very unpleasant visit with some family members), that cotton pickin’ chicken fried chicken was gonna push me over the edge! I looked across the table and told my future DIL to be prepared I thought I was going to lose it and cry over a chicken fried chicken! roll Have you ever had one of those days?

I guess that’s why I have spent all of Monday vegging out. I have had no energy whatsoever! Physically and mentally worn out.

My daughter gave me a calendar for Christmas last  year that sits on my desk, I sometimes forget to rip off the pages, so I sit here and read the quotes one after another some nights. The calender is a chick calendar, “Getting in Touch with you Inner Bitch,” I told my kid I was in touch with mine, but thanks. innocent Tonight I read this and thought I’d share with all of you who may need to find your inner…well, you know. )

“Instead of adjusting our behaviour to meet other people’s expectations, your Inner Bitch wants you to focus on meeting your expectations.”

I liked that…a lot.


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3 Responses to Let It Be Over, Please!

  1. Stacy says:

    Oh no, I hate that about your car. I’d be so upset. If I have a new car, I want it to stay new and pristine as long as humanly possible. I hope they fix it and that you have a much better day today. Heck, I hope you have a great week! )

    Hang in there!

    Stacys last blog post..Book Talk

  2. Janet says:

    sounds like the calendar was just what you needed for a smile -) Hang in there!

    Janets last blog post..Peekaboo & Dirty

  3. That sounds like a crappy day, indeed.

    If you want to have some fun, stop on by our new “improgging blog”. You can find some interesting blog fodder.

    Chicken fried chicken should not even be on the menu. Idiots!

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