Weekend Update

Busy, busy weekend! Whatever happened to taking the weekend to relax? roll Friday night we headed over to see my favorite nephew (only nephew ) ) play in his very last high school baseball game. It was Senior night so they honored the Senior’s and their parents. My sister cried….knew she would! We are a lot alike in that aspect.

Now the game was not a nail biting drama type of game (they lost sad ), but I have to admit, just walking up the dang bleachers was enough drama for me! I don’t do well with heights. Especially heights when I can see down below me. I had made it up to the top and sat there but swore I wasn’t ever moving again! shock That was till nature called, and refused to be silent! If I wasn’t so freaked out, it would have been a great comedy act, but I literally was going down the bleachers inch by slowly inch holding on for dear life to the side rail with both hands! After what seemed like eternity, my feet landed on solid ground, which they NEVER left again! )

Since the game was the very last game and it was Senior night, there is a question if this was a Senior prank, or just a fluke….but whatever it was, it was hilarious! Check out what happened during the 5th inning…

wet field.jpg

Sprinkler Delay!! lol

After all that, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants with the best Margaritas and enjoyed lots of laughs with family and friends! Nice way to end a day. )

Saturday, I was up early as Brandon left to go play golf with his future FIL and he woke me up at 6:00 am! A bit early for a Saturday, but oh well. Lots of coffee…..lots. sleep

We attended my little cousins 5th birthday party out at a park early in the afternoon. The last time I saw her she was still a baby when we moved to Georgia! Such a cutie! She reminds me so much of her mommy who I remember at that age. Her mommy was a flower girl in D’s and my wedding!

We were greeted by the biggest butterfly I had ever seen…


Pink Puffy Butterfly! )

Was it bad that I really and I mean really wanted to sneak into the bouncy house and jump when no one was looking? shy

Saturday night we went to a BarB-Q at a colleagues of David’s with about 20 other couples. The chefs were Puerto Rican, and let me tell you the food, it was delicious!! yum I can’t remember any of the names of the dishes, (blame it on the wine) but I have requested a recipe for the rice dish they had!! It was divine!

Sunday we drove about two hours to meet D’s parents for lunch. And then when we left them we headed to the casino…..so to say the least, I never did get any of my planting done this weekend! I’ll have to work on that this week, weather permitting! razz

So how was your weekend? )

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5 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Janet says:

    LOL they must’ve got soaked!!!

  2. Susan says:

    My goodness, you WERE busy! Sounds like it was all fun, though.

    Have a great week.


    Susan’s last blog post..Weekend Window

  3. Shephard says:

    I love the colors on your blog. ) They always cheer me. As do your fun family of smilie faces.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! (I’m not fond of heights either!).

    Yes, Jersey Boys is fun! Don’t get seats too close to the sound-system speakers though.. it’s loud! (stay away from the very front side edges of the seating). We enjoyed this production… laughs and good music. There is some very frank “New Jersey” language though (just a warning). )


    Shephard’s last blog post..Past-Blasting Reminders

  4. Oh, the sprinklers are priceless…and I always want to go in the bouncy houses, too. Sounds like you had a packed weekend. I am right there with you on the thang about the bleachers! I stay low, where the Good Lord put me!

    This Eclectic Life’s last blog post..Aww, Delbert, Say It Ain’t So

  5. Lazy Daisy says:

    Wow, girlfriend, sounds like a great weekend. We went to Virginia Beach and got really spoiled by mom! Glad you are back on terra firma without any consequences. Miss you.

    Lazy Daisy’s last blog post..Ten on Tuesday….Superstions, Traditons and personal Quirks

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