Thursday Thirteen #89 – “It’s Spring!!”


1.  Spring begins today! So here’s a few things that I love about Spring…..

2.  Everything seems new!

3.  All the new buds on the trees!


4.  The wee critters come out of hiding! Some I don’t mind…some I do!! )


This big ol’ frog was enjoying the pool!

5.  The beautiful flowers that begin to bloom!

6.  Longer days!

7.  Spring showers, though storms like we had the other day I can do without!

8.  Being able to spend time outside in the yard, whether working or playing.

9.  Wearing sandals with my toenails painted bright colors! )


10. The smell of fresh cut grass in the air. Though, the hay-fever season that accompanies it is a bit annoying.

11. Planning summer vacations….feeling the need for that right now!

12. Being able to cookout again…love using the grill, those yummy steaks, chicken and veggies are so much better on a grill!!

13. Warmer weather means pool time is getting closer!! WOO HOO!!

Here’s a gentle reminder about Share A Square Bag Project, click the button and read what it’s all about! We are really needing some generous volunteers to donate to this great project!! It’s getting close folks and we REALLY need some bags, so what do you say, wanna be a bag lady/man?


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9 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #89 – “It’s Spring!!”

  1. Nicholas says:

    I love #10, and I am fortunate that I never suffer from hay fever!

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #50

  2. Yesss! I can hardly wait to BBQ again! Happy T13!

  3. WendyWings says:

    Happy Spring to you, it is autumn here and I had to put on a sweater to walk to the school bus this morning, booo
    Happy TT my friend.

    WendyWings’s last blog post..Thurday thirteen , movie couples

  4. pussreboots says:

    Summer will be too crazy this year for a summer vacation. We’ve already taken our family trip . Happy TT.

  5. I’m ready for pool time, too!

    DeWayne Hamby’s last blog post..Could it be true?

  6. Janet says:

    I LOVE the green toes!!! I always paint mine blue in the spring -)

  7. SandyCarlson says:

    A beautiful and blessed day, to be sure! Your photos are wonderful.

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..“Play Nice” Researchers Catch up with the Teacher

  8. Lazy Daisy says:

    Who doesn’t love spring. Texas seems to be getting really hit hard weather wise.
    Happy Easter.

    Lazy Daisy’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen…Colorful Vegetables

  9. Happy Springtime! I’m looking forward to my sandals too… not so much the bright nail polish though… my wife hates the way I fuss over them so I don’t do it that much.

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