Thursday Thirteen #75



1. It’s been a few weeks since my last TT! I’ve missed it! But I have been just a tad busy! innocent

2. I’m having a blast decorating this house, it’s so different from our home in Georgia so I’m getting to buy new stuff! mrgreen Though Big D is having mild heart attacks when he comes home and sees the receipts! embarrassed

3. I’ve accomplished the majority of the unpacking. Still have to do the office, but I’m saving that one for this weekend so Big D can help organize it with me. smug

4. We’ll be having one giant garage sale in a couple weeks! I have so much stuff to go in it that I should make a fortune! lol Hey, more shopping moola!!! mrgreen

5. It’s finally feeling like a home…we can sit and relax at night and that my friends feels sooooo good!!

6. Speaking of feeling good, we have made good use of our hot tub and pool this week! Here in Texas the days are still hitting in the 90′s so still hot enough to take a dip in the pool, which I have several times this week after working in the house. But the best part, sitting in the hot tub with my honey in the evening under a full moon! luv

7. I’m learning our new town, which I love, but finding a new nail salon, beauty salon, etc. is hard. I’m asking around when I go into restaurants or stores which since this is a smaller town, it’s making it easier to get recommendations!

8. A little about our new town…it’s a small Texas town outside of Fort Worth. We looked in alot of areas when we were house shopping, but this area won our hearts, and the house stole mine! innocent Our housing addition is actually on the city limits, so it’s quiet, and we even have a pasture with cows that we can see from our backyard! (Yeah, I know some of you will be shocked to know that I live by cows! lol )

9. When I step out on my front porch in the early evening this is my view…

Gorgeous, huh?

10. I am having a small problem getting use to the “critters” here. -P Huge grasshoppers that like to surprise attack you when you walk outside! Then the big @ss frogs that hop around and like to swim in the pool. They aren’t so bad, but at night when you go outside and they are by your feet…not so cool! Last night I saw my first little field mouse swimming for his life in the pool, Big D rescued him and sent him on his way back in the field. Not a fan of those either, but as long as they stay outside I’ll be cool with them. Just don’t let me see a dang snake!! shock

11. Bubba is one happy guy these days! He’s been smiling since we moved back to Texas. He never was happy in Georgia, he is home now. Plus that smile may have to do with a special girl he’s been seeing since he’s been back. -)

12. Miss Priss is happy to be back in Texas also, though she misses Georgia too. She misses her friends alot and is a little homesick right now. But she’ll be fine….I’m keeping her really busy! mrgreen

13. And last, but certainly not least…I am mentioning “Share A Square” again, I know you think I nag…well maybe I do! mrgreen But this is an awesome project and one I believe in. If you crochet or know of someone else who does, we can use your help!! Shelly is in desperate need of more squares right now crocheted from different people, that could be you! Check out the “Share a Square” website and see how you can help! You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

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11 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #75

  1. How exciting for you! The view is striking! I wish you many happy years in your new home!

  2. .: mar says:

    thumbsup you sound so happy, I love it! except for the grasshoppers, I can do without them too (won’t even mention the field mice and snakes….)

    That evening picture is beautiful!! Happy TT party

  3. Leanne says:

    What a Beauuuuu-ty-fullll view! I am so glad to hear you guys are settling in and making good use of the whole property! :wink-wink:


  4. Amy says:

    Sounds great.

    I’ve been decorating a lot, too. It’s pretty fun. Lots of hard work.

  5. Damozel says:

    Wow, the story of the field mouse was really sad….so glad you were able to rescue him. Poor little thing “swimming for his life.” Love your T13 button and also the view from your porch! Mine is of asphalt!

  6. Jane says:

    Great view my dear! I am so glad you are getting settled and enjoying your new diggs!
    I can’t wait for you to share a few more pics of the house once you have it completely decorated!!!
    Miss ya girl!!

  7. Nancy Bond says:

    Moving is such an awful chore, no matter where or when. But it looks as though you have things well under control. Your view is stunning.

    I’ve tagged you for a “Middle Name Meme” because, well, because you’re a ‘Y’, if you care to play. -)

    Happy TT and welcome back.

  8. Those pictures are beautiful!! You’ll get the hang of your new town and before long you’ll feel like you’ve been there forever, I’m sure of it. Happy TT!

  9. Celticangel says:

    Nice view! I hope that you make all kinds of money at the garage sale.

  10. I’m just going to have to join everyone else and say that view is stunning -)

  11. Nice to get caught up on your move and how everything is going, dear YR….It really sounds like this is such a wonderful perfect house and that view is BEAUTIFUL! (The Hot Tub sounds pretty great, too, I must say….LOL)
    I hope you will take some pictures of the inside of your home, once you get it where you want it…!
    AND, it sure sounds like fun, buying ALL this new stuff…! Hooray for you and Big D and Miss Priss, and Bubba! (Hope Miss Priss begins to feel less homesick after a while….!

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