Home Sweet Home, Finally!

I’m home, finally! It feels so good to sleep in my own bed! angel We made it home Saturday evening and I spent all day Sunday resting. It’s been a very long week.

My father-in-law is doing well, though we had a little scare as we were traveling home on Saturday we got a call that he was having difficulty breathing and they were sending him back to the hospital. But all was well and he was sent home after being thoroughly checked out. He’s doing much better now. Miss Priss has been a huge help to her grandparents and we are so proud of her that she volunteered to stay to help.

We left East Texas on Friday around 5:30 in the evening, after making sure we had gotten everything done that needed to be done for D’s parents. We drove to Vicksburg, Mississippi to spend the night at a new Hampton Inn, which I highly recommend if you ever are in need of a room in Vicksburg. Big D and I were both kind of wound up from the weeks activities so we decided to hit a casino for some de-stressing therapy. mrgreen We played the slots for about two hours and then decided we were tired and headed back to our hotel. Bubba opted out of the casino, he was too tired and crashed.

We left Vicksburg in a downpour on Saturday morning, after eating at Cracker Barrel. If you travel with us, you will soon find out that we stop at Cracker Barrel to eat just about every meal. Why? Because you know you’ll usually get a decent meal…..except do not stop at the one in Birmingham, Alabama…poorest service ever and our food was cold! mad It rained most of our way home and at times so bad that D called it a “gully washer.” lol I kept my mind and eyes busy crocheting my granny squares (Share a Square) so I wouldn’t freak out about how bad it was, it was really bad at times! But we made it home safe and sound and that is what matters!!!

In other news, we have officially put our house on the market! The sign went in the yard today. The neighbors will be talking now! roll Now comes the fun part of strangers walking through my house, realtors calling with just a moments notice, blah, blah, blah! I just hope it sells fast!

So that’s it at the “Garden” it’s good to be home, even if I’m exhausted! I’ll be by to catch up with y’all!! luv ­


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7 Responses to Home Sweet Home, Finally!

  1. Vader's Mom says:

    Glad you are home safely and I’m glad the FIL is doing well )

  2. I’m so glad your father in law is doing better. And, Miss Priss is quite a fine lady to stay and help them out. Lots of driving for you, and I bet you are exhausted.
    Your beautiful squares arrived (I like them so much I keep them in a big basket in the living room!). I hope you will forgive me not sending a formal thank you note. You know I appreciate you, and just think the world of your kind heart. Can’t wait until you are in my neck of the woods. Watch out, cause I’m liable to give you a big old hug.

  3. Jane says:

    Welcome home my friend. I am glad you are safe. I absolutely HATE driving or riding in a torrential rain storm. It’s awful. It was good you had something to keep you busy.

    When are we going to do lunch girl????? I am SO sad you are moving. I need comfort!!!

  4. What a great read! I love the Coffee at Cracker Barrel!!!!

  5. meg says:

    So glad to hear your FIL is doing better & you all are safe back at home smile It’s been a busy time already & now you get to add selling your home to the chaos- prayers going up that is all goes quickly & smoothly angel

  6. Lazy Daisy says:

    Hey sis, glad you made it home safely. I was beginning to wonder how many side trips you were making. So glad Big D’s dad is better. Gotcha prayed up about selling your house (do you have one to move into yet?) So glad you are home. Rest up ….you were missed.

  7. Beks says:

    We could definitely travel together. I LOVE Cracker Barrel. Most of them that we have eaten at are good. Had a few that aren’t. Hampton’s are good when we are paying….when the company pays I love the good hotels. DH says I have become a “hotel snob”….he’s probably right. lol. Glad you are back safely. Love reading your blog.

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