Gone Fishing….!?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We did! Miss Priss came home from camp, exhausted but happy to be home. Tons of pictures to show us and lots of stories to share. I remember those years of going to camp. Good times!

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Father’s day we cooked out, one of Big D’s favorite things to do. Big steaks, veggies on the grill and a huge tossed salad….was wonderful! After dinner, Bubba decided that he wanted to take his dad fishing. Seeing that it was Father’s Day and I promised I’d do whatever D wanted, I went along. Now, if you have been around me, you know I’m not the “sportswoman” type. At all. So after thirty minutes of trying to find a fishing spot that you didn’t have to walk down through a jungle to get to the water (I had on flip-flops and put my foot down when it came to walking through high grass! I’m scared of snakes!! shock ). We finally found a place that we could park the jeep close and walk on gravel to the lake. I set my chair up and began swatting bugs immediately. UGH, where’s that dang bug spray!!

Big D and Bubba got their poles ready and cast. I looked around and asked where’s mine? Bubba handed me one but there was no little squiggly minnow on it, so giving my dear son that look mother’s give their children I just stood there. My 6’1 son stood over my 5’4 self and informed me that if I was going to fish I had to bait my own hook. This is when “Momma” showed up! I informed my 22 year old son that over his dead body was I touching any slimy thing in those buckets, so bait my hook or face the wraith of mom! I never did have to bait my own hook by the way! -)

Now, after the first cast I was bored. The lake smelled, fishy. The bugs were biting. No fish action to be seen either. So I grabbed D’s cell phone and made a call. Apparently this is not fishing etiquette because anyone who came down to fish in the general area we were in, left promptly. I don’t know if it was my talking on a cell phone, or shrieking like a little girl when Bubba threw a minnow at me. But something I was doing was driving fellow fishermen away! lol

We hadn’t caught a thing and it wasn’t long that the boys gave it up, much to my pleasure and decided that we just go for a ride in the jeep! It was decided that I was not a fisherwoman! No joke!! My idea of entertainment is not getting sweaty, smelly, and touching slimy things. My dear loveable husband informed me that I was indeed a Diva. Gee, you think? innocent ­


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7 Responses to Gone Fishing….!?

  1. lol I’m with you. Everyone Going Fisging? OH, Well, Ill go to the movies!
    In all honesty, my deare YR, I have never understood fishing as a ‘sport’. I understand fishing for survival, but other than that….It seems kind of barbaric and mean to the fish….That horrible hook going through their flesh….OHHHHH! I cannot bear to think about it.
    Add in the Bugs and the worms….well, I am so not going! (lol)

  2. Sandy says:

    I used to fish when I was young. My dad told me after putting some worms on my hook that after a while I would have to do it myself. Well you know I learned how!! I hated it at first but I learned. That was then…I don’t want to do it now!!
    I guess either you like it or you don’t. When we were just in Illinois, my two smallest grandchildren went and had a ball because they caught a LOT of fish..plus they were really good!!
    Thanks for stopping by!! Betty is still not good and of course she is not going to get any better. They are transferring her to Hospice tomorrow.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwww…..fishing! You know, my kids have never been…I haven’t ever taken ‘em and DH hasn’t either….you think they’re missing out?
    Love you! )

  4. mar says:

    No, it is not my kind of sport either, Yellow Rose -)
    But you very nice enough to go along and try it! As much as I love nature I can do without bugs to enjoy it, lol! cool

  5. craziequeen says:

    Well, of course Divas don’t fish cool d’uh………..

    And now they know – they can fish, as long as you can walk on soft short grass in your flipflops and can call your chums anytime……



  6. Grams says:

    I hate being hot and bugs biting,too! AND being quiet for hours on end to fish!
    I love your blog ,started reading it this winter and spring. I started blogging a couple of weeks ago and you are on my list of favorite blogs!

  7. meg says:

    Uh- I don’t think so; The Queen doesn’t do fishing -P You are much more patient than I; though your boy telling you to bait your own hook made the “Momma” in me rise up & threaten to “yank him bald-headed” -)

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