Texas Size Heart!

Shellie at This Eclectic Life had a wonderful idea, and it is blooming into a blogsphere wide phenomenon!

If you can crochet a granny square, then she needs you! Check out this post and join the fun while doing something wonderful for someone else.

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5 Responses to Texas Size Heart!

  1. You are absolutely a sweetheart, Yellow Rose! Thank you for posting about this. You can crochet a granny square. It’s easy (which is why I picked that pattern!). I’ve been pulling out some lovely yarns I was using for weaving. Those eyelash yarns (if you use two threads at once) make a beautiful square that the children will love! I appreciate you. And, send one square as soon as you can, so your’s can be on the 1st afghan which will by put together July 19th!

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  3. kate says:

    This is a wonderful idea … I will have to get out my wool and needles.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t crochet…never been a good sewer, I’m afraid…But it such a beautiful idea…BRAVO!

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