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This week it was hard to narrow it down, I have several hobbies! I love to shop so I could have posted this:


because you know I LOVE to shop and it is a hobby for me!! innocent But then I thought of my pictures I have hanging in my craft room, they are photos I have taken of flowers. It is two of my hobbies rolled into one, flowers and photography!



Happy Saturday!! )


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        28 Responses to Photo Hunt – “Hobby”

        1. Jane says:


          Great pictures! I too have come to enjoy photography. Unfortunately, I do not have such lovely flowers to photograph!

        2. Lazy Daisy says:

          I knew Shopping was a hobby….please, we refer to it as “retail therapy”. Love your pictures, your garden and you!

        3. Beckie says:

          WOW! Your great pictures of your beautiful flowers are incredible. Great job. btw…thanks for your prayers. She left about 5:00 p.m. today.

        4. expatraveler says:

          Those are some beautiful flower pictures! I love em! Ah yes the Bloomingdale’s bag.. Something we don’t have here in Canada… nerd

        5. superkimbo says:

          You take beautiful pictures!

          What’s in those tantalizing bags?

        6. autumn says:

          I like to shop too, but usually I dream about what I want to decorate with or buy than actually buying it. My house is full now and I am out of room for anything else.
          Nice photos and a good choice for this week.

        7. Linda says:

          I’d like to shop more if I actually had money! Great flower pictures, did you grow all of them yourself? They are lovely!

        8. Rose says:

          I too love to shop and your photos are just lovely.

        9. srp says:

          Those are gorgeous. You are so talented as well as crafty.
          I love flower pictures and the butterfly…
          Have a great day!

        10. Danella says:

          You have such fun hobbies! Love the flower photos.

          Mine is up too.

        11. amy says:

          What a great great post for the week..I always like to visit here..its one of the prettiest blogs I visit

        12. kailani says:

          I LOVE your new look!

          Now why didn’t I think of shopping as a hobby? What did you get from COACH?

        13. Connie says:

          Oh that is a wonderful picture for shopping…one of my favorite things too!!

          Take care,
          My photo is up. smile

        14. Gewels says:

          Gorgeous shots- puts all my photos top shame cry

          Shopping was a biggie for my hobby theme too, but, I too went with something else.

        15. PEA says:

          Shopping and photography…now that’s two wonderful hobbies indeed:-) I so love all your flower photos…I especially love the roses the best, they are my favourite flower!! Have a wonderful day! xo

        16. Dragonheart says:

          Beautiful photos of lovely flowers! ) Those are two wonderful hobbies. )

        17. deb says:

          Another kindred spirit ) )
          Enjoy your weekend!

        18. Bobbie says:

          Such pretty flowers! If I could grow them, I’d take lots and lots of photos, but the goats would love them, so no flowers for me )
          Happy Weekend!

        19. Jane says:

          OOOOO, I love your flower photos. Talent just drips out of you doesn’t it??? -)
          I’d rather do the shopping!!!!

        20. Vader's Mom says:

          Your flower photos are beautiful! But, your shopping photo sure made me laugh!! lol

        21. incog & nito says:

          Wonderful hobbies. My hubby (Nito) loves to take photos of flowers too. We haven’t got any hanging yet, but I might surprise him and get one or two put to canvas. Happy weekend.

        22. Anita says:

          I love to shop too! Probably too much! I love your flower pictures. I really need to start having nice prints made of mine too, now that I see how pretty yours look on your wall!

        23. julia says:

          I really love your close-up of the rose at top right of your grouping. Beautiful.

        24. meeyauw says:

          You also have a talent for design because your collages are great. They are stylish and classy.

        25. TorAa says:

          What hobby can be better than caring for and love flowers? I grabed my spring code.

          Great entry

        26. Your flower photos are truly lovely. You have a real talent for both your hobbies there.

          Wonderful choice for The Hunt.

        27. Shawna says:

          Shopping has become more of a hobby to me now, too. Those are beautiful pictures and gorgeous flowers!. Thanks for stopping by!

        28. Barbara H. says:

          Those flower pictures are gorgeous!

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