Wordless Wednesday – “Forgotten”


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    21 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – “Forgotten”

    1. Barbara H. says:

      Neat picture, but kinda sad, too.

    2. on the Rock says:

      Nice black and white!

    3. michelle says:

      That house almost looks creepy! It could make a great haunted house! Mine’s up!

    4. Great photo! Love your caption!

    5. Nice photo. Poor house. It looks so lonely.
      Mine’s up too.

    6. Shaz@UsDanes says:

      Nice pic, I wonder what memories that poor old house holds x

    7. Lazy Daisy says:

      Great title and love that it’s in black and white. It is sad that they let it get run down.

    8. Brian says:

      Many stories it used to tell.

    9. I know this sounds strange, but I always feel sorry for abandoned buildings like that. It sort of makes me wonder if people will abandon me when I get old and run down like that. And if that building could talk! Imagine the stories it would tell. smile

      Happy hump day!

    10. Beckie says:

      Very well done! I have several photos like that and your title is so perfect! Have a blessed Easter!

    11. RennyBA says:

      Well captured of that all things must past thumbsup

    12. Comedy Plus says:

      Black and White photographs are my favs. This is beautiful even though it’s forgotten!

    13. Angel says:

      I love your blog name and absolutely love yellow roses…LOL I have pictures of them all over the house, in my yard, on fabric, hats and paint them.
      I love restoring old houses. Neat picture but sad ():(
      Thanks for sharing. I am new to Wordless Wed. and blogging .


    14. Leanne says:

      That’s a hauntingly gorgeous photo, YR! Congrats!!! thumbsup

    15. Ma says:

      Great photo! Such a waste to just let a great house like that get abandoned and not renovate it and put it to use.

      Mine’s up too.

    16. What a sad home.
      But it looks like if the walls could talk . . . it sure would tell tales of a house full of life.
      Happy WW

    17. Perfect title! Nice work )

    18. I bet it was grand in its day. It looks quite ghostly now. Good job!

    19. Antonette says:

      Beautiful black and white photo of a house in need of some TLC. sentimental

    20. Titania says:

      This reminds me of my childhood days long gone. Kind of bittersweet. I loved it when there was more country side than cities.

    21. Marcia says:

      I always want to take over the house, or at least the lots when they get a bit more abandoned looking than that and put life back.

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