Puffy Marshmallows

­­We spent Saturday working in the yard and I mean working! Big D mowed and by doing so, stirred up all the pollen, thumbsdown I cleaned out all the flowerpots and potted new flowers, and Miss Priss cleaned out the flowerbeds. We all are walking a little slower, just a wee bit sore! But the yard looks great!

As for our allergies….that’s another story! My eyes look like puffy marshmallows! Not a pretty sight. I keep hoping they will go down, but so far, no luck. Cool compresses, warm compresses, nothing is working. I love working in the yard, but I won’t be doing it again until this dang pollen is out of here!

This is what our vehicle looked like before it rained on Sunday.

Nasty stuff! It’s black under there by the way!

Thank heaven for the rain!! ) It washed some of the pollen away. I love Spring, but I have to admit, this is the worst part of it! As they say, you can’t have the good without a little of the bad. Right? roll


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4 Responses to Puffy Marshmallows

  1. Justin says:

    I hope your allergies clear away soon. I should’ve taken a picture of my car before the rain came in. I had already given up on trying to keep it clean from all of the pollen.

  2. Titania says:

    I understand how you are feeling. I am in the mid-south and you know what? Puffy marshamallows is the best description yet! idea

  3. Fizzy says:

    That is a huge amount of pollen. I have never seen so much before. Thank goodness for the rain

  4. Sandy says:

    Yeap, I understand. When we went on our LONG ADVENTURE I found allergies all over the place. I woke up almost every day with a headache and was EATING my headache medication just to make it through these headaches!! I guess it is everywhere you go!! Great stuff pollen!! I love Spring too but the pollen is awful!! I get migraines and I know you get them too. I simply HATE headaches!!
    After all of that…
    Have a BLESSED DAY

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