Baby it’s cold outside….


    So anyone else notice how cold it’s gotten? WOW! I happen to love the cold weather. Being able to wear warm sweaters, bundle up with a warm blanket, drinking hot drinks…man, I love it! But….my toes have been so freakin’ cold the last few days! Socks, slippers, nothing warms them up! I can tell you I am on a mission to find the worlds warmest socks!! lol

      We spent our weekend shopping much to Big D’s dismay. ) Seriously he doesn’t mind going with me, matter of fact, I think he enjoys it, just not as much as I do of course! It took me two days but I found a formal gown, shoes to match, an evening bag and a beautiful black velvet evening shawl. And much to my surprise, Big D splurged even more on a gorgeous pair of earrings for the occasion! We also bought Big D two new suits, shirts and ties. I think we’ll look pretty good, if I say so myself. I’ll be sure to take pictures!

        Big D is in Washington D.C. this week. He called today to say that he was sitting in front of the White House. He loves to do that to me, call and rub it in tell me when he’s at interesting places when he’s traveling. But that’s ok, I’m planning on tagging along with him on some his future trips.

          Well while he’s gone I’m finishing the decorating around the house. It takes days to decorate….I’m wondering, is it really worth it? Then once it is up, I know it is. So that’s what is going on here…it’s a busy week. I’m going to relax now for awhile and watch “The Chronicles of Narnia” again for the umpteenth time before going to bed. I love this movie, and what a better movie for this time of year and to go to sleep by!

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            4 Responses to Baby it’s cold outside….

            1. Lightseeker says:

              Yep I am cold too!!!! Yesterday Football Star and I woke up to a house with NO heat. Wouldnt you know that Big D would be out of town too!! About 11am when I started getting desperate, thought came to me check the breaker..and the rest is history! =)

              Love ya!

            2. Sandy says:

              Yeap it is cold here also!! I love the cold also but only for a short time. I liked the weather we were having in the 70′s. I just wish it would stay that way all of the time but of course it will not do that. I do love cuddling up in a warm blanket and having a nice warm drink like you mentioned. I am crocheting a big afghan and now is a good time. It keeps you warm. Take care. Sandy

            3. mar says:

              Oh, Yellow Rose, that’s cold, we still have unusual 20ÂșC/70F!!!

            4. gil says:

              Gosh I shouldnt complain about being cold we rarely go below -4

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