Thursday Thirteen #42 – Funny T-Shirts


    It’s my 42nd TT and on Friday I turn 42….Coincidence or karma? Or just really cool!

    Enjoy my 13 t-shirts, who knew that writing on your clothes could put a smile on your face!



























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                                  38 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #42 – Funny T-Shirts

                                  1. Cat says:

                                    Those are Great! I love T-shirt sayings. I have several I love to wear!

                                    Take care!

                                  2. Melissa says:

                                    Love it! My favorites are 3, 5, and 8. Very creative TT! Did you come up with these on your own? Great header too.

                                  3. Mummy B says:

                                    My fav’s were: 2, 4, 9 and 13…..but they were all definately giggle-worthy ) ) lol

                                    Happy Birthday for Tomorrow!!!!!

                                  4. Andrea says:

                                    I love funny t-shirts. 7, 9 and 12 are my favorites. Happy TT. Mine are up now )

                                  5. Anita says:

                                    Very funny! #7 and #12 were my favorites.

                                  6. Have you seen, or Not so many “funny” ones on Threadless – at least, not just text-funny. Some really nice designs, though.

                                  7. meredith says:

                                    I HAVE to get # 1! What an awesome list!

                                    Happy TT!

                                  8. Jo (Laquet) says:

                                    I love #13, I’d like to buy it and super glue it to my husband!! My TT is up too )

                                  9. Frances says:

                                    I would love to own them all.
                                    Super TT.
                                    Happy Thursday,

                                  10. Erica says:

                                    I loved 2 and 4! What a fun list!!

                                  11. Chelle says:

                                    I was going to say hat I love #2, then the rest made me laugh. Those are all great! Where can I buy one? Hahaha!

                                  12. Kay says:

                                    That was such a hoot! Thanks for making me laugh.

                                    I’m up!

                                  13. she says:

                                    I love T-Shirt sayings – especially #2 and #9 on your list. My hubby has a number of them.

                                  14. Deanna says:

                                    I like the header too! Those were great!
                                    My nephew always wears tshirts with the most hilarious things like that on them

                                    My TT is up if you get a chance come on by

                                  15. #6 is a favorite saying of mine!

                                    and sarah mclachlan singing in the background – gotta love it!

                                    happy TT!

                                  16. Some really good one there… Have a great birthday… Happy Thanksgiving!!!

                                  17. Yep, I’m with Meredith — #1 ROCKS. Awesome list!

                                    Happy TT.

                                  18. Twyla says:

                                    Haha. I love them all. Great TT. -)

                                  19. carmen says:

                                    all very funny, but this week, i can especially relate to number 4

                                  20. Nathalie says:

                                    I love those texts! I love number two, I think I should wear it to the office.

                                  21. Jane says:

                                    Oh, Yellowrose, how FUNNY!!!! I love the PETA one!!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
                                    My T13 is up.

                                  22. Sandy says:

                                    What a good TT…Almost 42 hey!! wow You youngster!! How young you are!! Happy almost birthday anyway!! Mine is up also but not that clever!! Sandy

                                  23. Janene says:

                                    I’m really fond of 2 and 3! I’d love to have 2 right now because being preggo has made me so darn confused I’m having trouble remembering what day it is ~ except Thursdays…I always remember Thursdays! (don’t ask me the actual date though…no clue!)

                                    Happy Thursday!

                                  24. Melissa says:

                                    Great shirts! I see a lot of those around here.

                                    My TT is up: Reasons I’m Thankful for my Mom

                                  25. Missy says:

                                    Great list! thanks for the laugh.

                                  26. Lightseeker says:

                                    Those are great shirts! Computer Geek would want several of those!! LOL! You should see the collection Computer Geek has! You would LOVE them. One that comes to the top of my head (but I am sure not his best one)

                                    “As a matter of fact, the WORLD does revolve around me”

                                    I so need the one that says “I am confused. Wait maybe I’m not”. Sad to say I say that ALL the time!! LOL!

                                    Love ya Sis!!

                                  27. Barbara H. says:

                                    These are great! Loved #3 and 7 especially.

                                  28. Cin says:

                                    Great list – I snorted aloud a few times!!

                                    Also enjoying your music selection of vintage Sarah – I’m lucky enough to share my home city with her, and am looking forward to listening to her new Wintersong cd…

                                  29. Jenny Ryan says:

                                    These are so funny-thanks!

                                  30. Dawn says:

                                    omg these crack me up every time i see them!

                                    happy TT! i played too. =)

                                  31. Stephanie says:

                                    Great list… I must have those, I would never have to speak because they say it all!

                                  32. nat says:

                                    I bow to your awesomeness. This was TOTALLY fun!!

                                  33. Debby says:

                                    Great list! Number 5 is great. Happy Thursday!

                                  34. Christina says:

                                    Hilarious list! I think #4 is my favorite )

                                  35. DK Raymer says:

                                    Great list! I especially liked PETA. Have a terrific weekend!

                                  36. beth says:

                                    Very creative list!

                                  37. LOL, LOL, LOL…These are Hilarious! Where did you ever find these, my dear YR?

                                    Was it your Birthday, my dear?? I’m sorry I missed that..but, having said that..let me say this: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR YR!!!!

                                  38. Norma says:

                                    These are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

                                    My TT is up.

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