Thursday Thirteen #40- Random Musings Again!



    1. Halloween went well, we had about 30 trick or treaters come by. They all looked so cute in their costumes and this year kids made the effort…not like last year where it seemed there was no effort. I was so happy!

      2. I put out luminaries along our walkway up to our front door, they were a big hit! Think I’ll be doing that again next year!

        3. Since it was Halloween I watched the show “Most Haunted ” on the Travel Channel. Have you ever watched this show? It’s hilarious!! If it was suppose to be scary, I hate to inform them…they failed! Though I have found some neat places I’d like to visit via the show! lol

          4. Thanksgiving is now the next holiday….wow….does time go fast or what?! We are talking about finding a really nice restaurant and going out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year since it’s just the four of us. Last year I cooked, and to be honest it was fun, but it was alot of work! I’d like to be waited on and not be so tired so I can enjoy the day too! (This is the Diva part of me that shows itself!) )

            5. I broke down and went to the doctor Tuesday…..yeah, finally! He said I was definitely sick! DUH! It’s actually turned into a raving upper respiratory infection so he’s giving me some antibiotics and cough syrup, so I’m hoping it will knock it out fast now! I know, I know….I shouldn’t have waited so long to go to the doctor, but I hate going to the doctor…it stems from having been very ill in the past and spending countless hours with doctors, I just hate going now.

              6. My cough syrup is awesome!!! I slept like a baby last night for the first time in weeks! Drugs are so cool….(isn’t that hilarious, I would never have said that to my kids before!!) But you know what I mean, the “good” drugs. lol

                7. Big D will be gone on business all week next week. ( Gonna be lonely here without him.

                  8. Speaking of my hubby….he has asked me to go with him tonight to do some entertaining for some employees that are in from Texas for training. Guess I’ll have to DVR “Er,” huh?

                    9. I went to Bath & Body Works the other day to get my products. Well, let me tell you I was in for a surprise! My all time favorite salt and oil scrub in Warm Vanilla Sugar that I use every winter is no longer available!!! (*The scrub is the only product not available, all other products in Warm Vanilla Sugar are still avaible. I wanted to clear that up due to a comment that was left!) They almost had to pick me up off the floor! I was shocked, seriously I couldn’t believe it. You know how it is when you find a product you love and then the mean powers that be take it away from you, it’s devastating! I guess they saw my anguish, because the manager came up to me while I stood shell shocked and gave me a 10% coupon for my total purchase, which was great since I was buying alot! I just don’t think I’ll ever get over the loss of my salt scrub!

                      10. Because we had so much fun last weekend seeing the beautiful sights, we are planning on taking another drive this weekend. The colors are so gorgeous right now! Too beautiful to ignore!

                        11.Let me share with you some more pictures of last weekend. Enjoy the beautiful colors….

                          Another view of the Falls…gorgeous isn’t it?


                            We were sitting in rocking chairs at the lodge looking out at this…nice, huh?

                              13. Oh and by the way…Only 51 more shopping days till Christmas!!!!

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                                    24 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #40- Random Musings Again!

                                    1. Wonderful TT! I think luminaries are so pretty…and yeah, you’re right about Most Haunted! lol!! Have you seen the show that has celebrities checking out haunted places?? Gary Busey was on one episode and he was a hoot! I’m with you on the Warm Vanilla Sugar..I can’t believe it’s discontinued! I know tons of people who look forward to it every year. Bad moce B&BW!! lol!!

                                    2. Ma says:

                                      Great TT as always! Love the photo’s with all the fall colors. My favorite time of year.

                                    3. Bubba says:

                                      Great list! It’s still so warm here that I forget it’s fall everywhere else…the year just flew by! Thanks for the pics!

                                      Happy TT!

                                    4. Janet says:

                                      Those pictures are fantastic!

                                    5. Oh the pics are beautiful! Happy TT!

                                    6. bsts says:

                                      i actually couldn’t read your list, the sidebar is over it, only the right hand side is visible, any ideas how to fix it from my end?

                                    7. Chelle says:

                                      Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year! I cannot wait for it!

                                    8. Kailani says:

                                      Oh no! That is one of my favorite holiday scents from Bath & Body Works! Why would they discontinue something so popular?

                                    9. Lazy Daisy says:

                                      Hey Babe….bout time you went to the doc in a box to get rid of the Carribiean Crud. Glad you are finally getting some sleep. Come join us for lunch on Friday.

                                    10. ribbiticus says:

                                      great tt! don’t worry, that how i felt when they discontinued my favorite green tea and cucumber but they have brought it back now as a classic b&b special. i bet yours will be one too. mine’s up! )

                                    11. Jane says:

                                      I can’t believe you waited so long to go to the doctor!!! Bad girl!
                                      I hate when something I love is no longer available. BUMMER.
                                      Check you email. Let’s do lunch!

                                    12. carmen says:

                                      oh wow – great pics.

                                      I’m sorry your scrub’s not available. my sister likes a scent that’s only available in the fall – so we stock up for her!

                                    13. Susan says:

                                      Love the pics! Time does go so fast, doesn’t it???? I could have gone all day without putting that little # 51 days until Christmas into my head!!! AGH!

                                      Have a GREAT day! My TT is up here.

                                    14. Barbara H. says:

                                      We had over 250 Halloweeners. :-O We had to turn off the lights and close the door when we ran out of candy — they were still coming. Unfortunately a lot of outside people bring their kids to our neighborhood.

                                      I hate it when a favorite product isn’t made any more. -(

                                      Beautiful pictures!!

                                    15. stephanie says:

                                      Where did the year go? It seems to be fly by so quickly now.

                                      I need advice in my TT.

                                    16. Oiive says:

                                      Bath and Body did the same thing to me two years ago with “flowering herb,” so I know what you are going through right now. Happy TT!

                                    17. I love Halloween, it kind of kicks off the up-coming holidays! From now until January it’s time to eat, eat, eat!

                                      I posted slogans on my blog, how many can you name??

                                    18. amy says:

                                      Great pics! We have to DVR ER as well. Should be a good one!!!

                                      Mines up! Dont forget to vote on a name at

                                    19. Momma Bee says:

                                      Ugh, being that sick is just horrible. Sleep aids are simply magic when you’re sick!!!! Feel better soon.

                                    20. MommyBa says:

                                      Those were awesome photos! And you have a beautiful list this week!

                                      happy Thursday!

                                    21. Annamary says:

                                      I hate it when I wait so long to go to the Dr. when I’m sick. By that time, I’m already on my way to being better!
                                      Happy TT!

                                    22. Lady Jane says:

                                      The luminaries are a great idea!

                                    23. Oh, you seem to have so much more beautiful falls over there than we have, so I’m getting envious!!!

                                      Beautiful pictures!

                                      Gorgeous falls…

                                    24. Yes bootiful shotz!!!

                                      Happy TT and SPH!

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