Thursday Thirteen #38 – Vacation Tidbits!



    1. This was my first vacation with my dad and that side of my family, ever. It was a blast! There were nine of us, and we had a great time together. There was never a dull moment! Matter of fact, the maitre’ d in the dining room on the ship, told us we were the absolute funniest table of all the tables because we were always laughing. We even had his Turkish self laughing a few nights. One thing is for sure….we were there to have fun!

      The Maitre’d and me, on our final night

        2. Speaking of my family here is my dad and step mom….


          3. And my step-brother Tim and sister-in-law, Tracy….they are a hoot!


            4. And here is my niece Abi (Tim and Tracy’s daughter) and step-sister Kathy, to round out our group..


              5. We took a “Party Boat” to a resort beach in Cozumel, the party boat was a lot of fun, loud, but fun.

                Poppy dancing on the Party Boat! Tracy and Miss Priss enjoying the show!

                  6. In Cozumel, Big D and I went sailing on a Catamaran. He told the guy he knew what he was doing…..he didn’t. When we got stalled out in the water, I had to tell him what to do….you can guarantee I am not letting him forget that!!! lol It was fun though!

                    Yep, that’s us sailing away!

                      7. I snorkeled in Cozumel. Saw beautiful, colorful fish. Our guide took me to some ruins and even had me standing in the middle of the ocean on top of a temple. That was very cool. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have an underwater camera. So no neat pictures of that. (

                        8. In Merida, Progresso there is an area that is very exclusive, they have built it to look very much like Paris’s Champs-Élysées, and it does. It has beautiful homes, shops, and many come from Canada and the USA to spend their winters there. I fell in love with the architecture.

                          9. Isn’t this beautiful?




                              11. I learned alot about the Mayan culture. This monument tells the history of the Mayan’s, it would take days to read the entire history that the monument covers….it’s huge! It was hand carved in limestone. It’s beautiful and very impressive!


                                12. We attended a Mexican rodeo and dance show. It was alot of fun. Very different from the rodeos that we are use to (Texas rodeos that is). We also had a authentic Mexican lunch there and it was wonderful!!!

                                  The Charros

                                    Green Chili Pork, Chicken, Salad with a tangy dressing, The best rice I have ever had, and Black beans, we also had a lime soup that was out of this world! Yummy!

                                    Big D with some of the dancers, he looks quite happy doesn’t he? )

                                    13. To round off this 13, let me leave you with this picture of Flamingos in their natural habitat. We were on our way back to the ship from Merida when we spotted them, it was pretty neat to see them in the natural, not in a zoo.

                                      That’s it for now….more pictures and such later…..till then, Happy Thursday!

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                                        19 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #38 – Vacation Tidbits!

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                                        2. Chelle says:

                                          Looks like you have so much fun with the one’s you love! Great pictures!

                                        3. Lazy Daisy says:

                                          Wow, some great pictures and looks like a rockin good time. Feel better, rest up, pleanty of Vitamin C.

                                        4. Tracie says:

                                          Wow….great pictures. It sounds like a fun trip.

                                        5. the pictures are great. So you had a great time!!! it’s so evident form the photos .

                                        6. carmen says:

                                          it looks like you had a marveolous time. Im so glad for you!

                                        7. Jane says:

                                          **jealous** Looks like you had a fabulous time. Loved all the pictures. We need to do lunch so you can share what you can’t publish on your blog!!! *grin*

                                        8. Barbara H. says:

                                          Looks like you all had a great time!

                                        9. mar says:

                                          What a wonderful TT! it sounds like a great vacation )
                                          happy TT!

                                        10. DeWayne says:

                                          Glad you’re back, YellowRose! I look forward to seeing even more pictures!

                                        11. Janet says:

                                          aaaah, vacations are so much fun! I’ve been to Cozumel a couple times, the Mayan ruins at Tulum were awesome! Beautiful sailboat pic, the clouds are just gorgeous!

                                        12. Kailani says:

                                          Family vacations are the best! Love the photos!

                                        13. Sandy says:

                                          Great pictures and evidently great fun too. Nothing like a cruise!! I have only gone once but I will never forget it ever!! Nice to have you back though. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by and seeing me…Sandy

                                        14. Uisce says:

                                          I looooooove cruising, I’m so jealous!! )

                                        15. courtney says:

                                          what a cool TT! i love all the pictures; they’re beautiful! you must have had an awesome vacation!

                                        16. Andrea says:

                                          Looks like that was a fun vacation! My TT is up! Have a lovely day.

                                        17. BecK says:

                                          Wow! Looks like you had lot’s of fun!
                                          Happy TT!

                                        18. Wow! such wonderful photos. I’m sure you had a good and real fun time. Cruising would be nice to experience.
                                          Sorry for visiting late but I just couldn’t open your site for some reason I really don’t know.

                                        19. Great pictures of your wonderful vacation! I’ve only been on one cruise in my 20′s and it was with Carnival Cruise Lines too. (Celebration) I like it but I had nothing to compare with. How did you like them?

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