Thursday Thirteen #34 – My 13 Favorite 80′s Movies!



    The Abyss

    I love this movie! Special effects were pretty good for the 80′s! One of my favorite quotes:
    Virgil: When you’re hanging on by your fingernails, you can’t go waving your arms around.


      An Officer And A Gentleman

      One of the best romantic movies of all time! Richard Gere looks great in that uniform! And who will ever forget this line…
      Lynette: Way to go, Paula! Way to go!


        The Breakfast Club

        One of the best movies, ever! John Hughes captured high school life to the tee!
        Great lines in this movie, hard to find just one…but this one is great!
        John Bender: Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.


          Dirty Dancing

          Love, love, love this movie!! Makes me wanna dance! )
          Johnny: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


            Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

            Who wouldn’t have loved to have a friend like Ferris?
            Ferris: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.



              This movie had me cutting every sweatshirt I owned!
              Nick: When you give up your dream, you die.



                Kevin Bacon dancing in a barn….how sweet is that?
                Ren: Hey, hey! What’s this I see? I thought this was a party. LET’S DANCE!


                  The Karate Kid

                  One of the feel good movies that went on to continue in parts 2, and 3! I would have liked to have known a Mr. Miyagi.
                  Daniel: Wouldn’t a fly swatter be easier?
                  Miyagi: Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
                  Daniel: Ever catch one?
                  Miyagi: Not yet.


                    The Outsiders

                    I loved the book, read it in jr high, but the movie, now that was great! Young Swayze, Cruise (before he went nuts), Matt Dillion, Ralph Macchio, Rob Lowe, they did an excellent job!
                    Ponyboy: When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home


                      Pretty In Pink

                      Love this movie! Duckie is my favorite! So many great lines, hard to choose, but I will….
                      Duckie: You know what an older women does for me?
                      Iona: Changes your diapers?
                      Duckie: Touché.


                        Sixteen Candles

                        Molly Ringwald, again….she kinda disappeared after these films, but she was Hughes favorite, wasn’t she? Love this movie, another one that makes me remember my teen years!
                        The Geek: I mean, not many girls in contemporary American society today would give their underwear to help a geek like me.


                          St. Elmo’s Fire

                          Great cast, good movie!!
                          Kevin: Never trust a woman who says she isn’t angry.


                            Top Gun

                            One of the great ones of the 80′s. Of course this is when Tom was BC (before crazy), and tell me, who doesn’t love a guy in uniform!
                            Maverick: I feel the need…
                            Maverick, Goose: …the need for speed!

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                              46 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #34 – My 13 Favorite 80′s Movies!

                              1. lindsay says:

                                WE have the same taste in movies! Footloose is one of my TOP of all times!

                              2. Vicky says:

                                Some of these are my favorite movies too… absolutely loved movies like Pretty In Pink, St Elmo’s Fire and, of course, Ferris Bueller is just a classic!! Great list!

                              3. Raggedy says:

                                Great TT!
                                Doing movies by year is a wonderful idea.
                                The pictures add a very nice finish.
                                My TT is up

                              4. All great movies. Love the Abyss especially the editors cut. Footloose is good and who doesn’t like Ferris Bueller, He’s a righteous dude! Great list YellowRose. Mine is up. Have a great Thursday!

                              5. Janene says:

                                Love your list! I did 13 movies I could watch over and over and a few of the ones on your list made my list!

                                If I would have had more than 13 Pretty in Pink and St Elmo’s Fire would have definately made the cut!

                              6. Meredith says:

                                DUDE! Do you live inside my head?!?!?! I just watched PInP yesterday afternoon. All of those movies I will stop and watch, no matter what.

                              7. Ma says:

                                All great movies from that time and my favorites too. Good choices.

                                I’m up.

                              8. Janet says:

                                Ferris Bueller, Karate Kid & Top Gun I love too! Especially the volleyball scene in Top Gun…dag, Val Kilmer was HOT!

                              9. WendyWings says:

                                I was standing right next to Anthony Micheal Hall in the foyer at the Shrine, it took me a while to work out why I knew him. He has not aged that well ROTFL
                                I’ll never quit you either )

                              10. Oh my God, loved everyone of them! Happy TT!

                              11. Lazy Daisy says:

                                We are soooo related. Great list sis!

                              12. 1, 4, 5, & 7 are my favorites from that list. I LOVE #1, except I always feel like I’M drowning in that one scene. Yikes!

                                My TT is up, too.

                              13. Colleen says:

                                I like Footloose, just because it was filmed in my highschool. That is a great list. I dont’ think there is any one of those I dont like!

                                Happy TT!

                              14. Liz says:

                                Great list, you’ve got a few of my old favorites listed.

                              15. Great list of movies of the 80′s. I like #s 1,4,6,7 and 8.
                                My TT13 is up now.

                              16. Caylynn says:

                                Great list of movies. ) I love your designation of Tom “BC” – so true! ) Thanks for sharing.

                              17. All my favourites are listed here… I loved Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Top Gun, Karate kid, Flash dance… still watch the reruns on television. Takes me back to my childhood…

                              18. carmen says:

                                80s movies rock! all of these are good!

                              19. TC says:

                                Those are great! Thanks for the flashback to the great movies of the 80s

                              20. Jane says:

                                I loved “Officer and a Gentleman” and I thought “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was the funniest movie ever. LOVE IT!
                                My T13 is up, come on by and sit a spell.

                              21. ~ Stacy ~ says:

                                Great list of ’80′s’ movies! I’ve seen all of them except for “The Abyss”. I’d say that “St. Elmo’s Fire” is my favorite on this list, but they are all great classics.

                              22. Oh I love #4, I saw that 4 times in a movie theatre!!!

                              23. AmandaF says:

                                I watched a few of them – Dirty Dancing, Officer & A Gentleman, Footloose, Flash Dance, Karate Kid, Top Gun. Liked them all! I still watch the reruns!

                              24. Candy Minx says:

                                It must be a huge coincidence but I can easily say that those movies are all on my faves list for 80′s or any decade…I might add Back To The Futre and Buckaroo Bonzai too!

                                My tt is up CHEERS!


                              25. Cat says:

                                I loved every single one of those movies! Wow, the 80′s were great!

                                Take care

                              26. Nancy says:

                                Those are all good movies! I love most of them!

                                happy T13!

                              27. Frances says:

                                The Breakfast Club is an all-time favorite.
                                And who could forget Ferris singing Wayne Newton tunes at the parade.
                                The list simply rocks – long live teen flicks.
                                Have a mucho good weekend,

                              28. nat says:

                                Alll good ones!! You really have to check out “The Princess Bride,” though!! That’s one of my favorite flicks of all time!

                              29. Jersey Girl says:

                                Footloose and Top Gun…loved those..

                              30. Tee-T says:

                                These are some of my faves as well! Especially Dirty Dancing. How can anything featuring Patrick Swayze NOT be good? I just love him!

                              31. Zeus says:

                                Thanks to The Karate Kid, every child now assumes The Crane position to indicate s/he is ready to kick ass!

                                I also loved Dirty Dancing, The Abyss, and Top Gun.

                                Happy Thursday to you! Feel free to check out my list as well if you get the chance!

                              32. Maryanne says:

                                You know what makes these all so great? They are keepers. You can watch them over and over again. Your kids also get a kick out of them.

                                Great list!


                              33. Empress Juju says:

                                “If he gets up… we’ll all get up… it’ll be anarchy!”

                                The Breakfast Club RULES!!

                              34. Jenny Ryan says:

                                Oh yes, Top Gun was THE defining movie of my high school experience )

                              35. Chaotic Mom says:

                                Yours was the only site I visited this morning. And while prepping to post a comment, I got a medical phone call that threw my whole day into the toilet. Very frustrating news, but we’re dealing with it.

                                So, I actually thought about your movie list all day today, and have vowed to re-watch a few of those oldie-but-goodies that I love, too! To help me veg-out and just relax.

                                Funny, I really did think about these movies throughout the day. Thanks for posting them! And thanks for visiting my 13 Quickies, too! )

                              36. Kailani says:

                                Those are definitely my kind of movies!

                              37. JO says:

                                I’ve seen 9 of them but I love Dirty Dancing the most!

                                Just blog hopping… this blog hopping for TT is really interesting.

                              38. Chelle Y says:

                                I was a teenagers during the eighties and loved those movies. My favorite was “Outsiders” and “Some Kind of Wonderful!”

                              39. Excellent movies! I’ve seen all but 1, 2 & 9.

                                Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!

                              40. Tinker says:

                                I loved Top Gun and Dirty Dancing. I do not think I saw any of the others except Flashdance.

                              41. Tina says:

                                GREAT choices! I think with the exception of Flashdance I’ve seen them all… at least twice!

                              42. Jenn says:

                                The Outsiders is one of my all time favorite movies. I even did a report on it in 8th grade. Every note we passed in school had ‘stay gold’ somewhere in it. It is such a great movie.

                                The Breakfast Club is also another great one. Judd Nelson’s character was my favorite.

                                I think I have watched all but ‘The Abyss’ & ‘Flashdance’. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

                              43. Brony says:

                                Great list.
                                Now I want to go and rent St. Elmo’s Fire.

                              44. Incog says:

                                All fantastic movies – the Abyss probably my favourite – great list – great memories.

                              45. So from your list I would rank the following ones as also high on mine

                                An Officer and a Gentleman
                                Top Gun (maybe) but I’m a little off Tom Cruise these daze!

                                I’ve heard alot of raving about Pretty in Pink. I saw it but I honestly don’t remember much of it.

                                Last night they were playing “Deerhunter” on one of the movie channels so I watched it again, recalling that I ‘enjoyed’ (not really a good term to describe that movie), let’s say got something out of it many years ago.

                                It was like watching a brand new movie. I couldn’t remember any of it except for the part when they were being tortured playing russian roulette at the roughshod POW camp. That part must have left quite an impression on me. Because that is all I remember. I don’t remember any of the scenes from the Pennsylvania town or the ending at all. I’m glad I watched it again.

                                Sorry I’m visiting so late and blabbing on so long. I guess late commenters are allowed to leave long comments? )

                              46. Gina says:

                                All would be on my list, except the outsiders…don’t think I know that one!?

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