Friday’s Feast #110


    Name 3 things that you are wearing today.
    Right now since it’s around 2:20am, I’m wearing slippers, pj bottoms and a t-shirt. Very sexy! )

      Who was the last person you hugged?
      My sweet, huggable hubby!

        What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?
        Hmmm, I am so out of the habit of eating fast food now. I guess it would be the frozen cokes at Burger King. I like those!

          Main Course
          What time of day do you usually feel most energized?
          I’m a night owl, so I accomplish so much more at night!

            Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence. (Example: Sweet unusual spaniels are nice.)
            YellowRose: Young elephants love luscious oranges while resting on soft eclairs! (Use your imagination! ) )

              Wanna join the Feast? Go here to play!

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                14 Responses to Friday’s Feast #110

                1. Caylynn says:

                  Nice feast. ) Hubby was the last person I hugged too. )

                2. Pilot Mom says:

                  Great feast! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that Burger King has frozen cokes…learned something new. )

                3. You really made good at your dessert. Enjoyed it.
                  My feast is served too. Come feast with me.

                4. melli says:

                  DARN! Your elephants are SO much more interesting than mine!!! Love your jammies — I bet your hubby loves yours as much as my hubby loves mine! (well… for summer it’s jammie shorts!) LOL!

                5. Jane says:

                  After reading your sentence I know where your mind is……on FOOD!!!!!
                  Loved your feast…please stop by and munch a little with me.

                6. Wystful1 says:

                  My feast is served. Happy Friday to you!

                  OUTSTANDING DESSERT!!!!!!

                7. Jodi says:

                  Great feast!! Love your dessert! come dine with me!

                  Happy Friday!

                8. Ma says:

                  Great feast as always. You are like my daughter, she’s a night hawk. I liked your dessert,lol.

                  Come and dine, I’m up

                9. Barbara H. says:

                  This is my first feast — it was fun! )

                  Loved your dessert! Very creative!

                10. Stacy says:

                  I totally admire anyone who can blog at 2:20 AM, much less a sentence as complex as that one! )

                  Great feast, have a wonderful day!!!

                11. Kailani says:

                  Those eclairs must get pretty squashed, huh?

                12. Debby says:

                  Great feast! Love the dessert!
                  Happy Friday!

                13. viamarie says:

                  Thanks for a very sumptuous feast. A good way of knowing you better.

                  Btw, I also didn’t know that Burger King had frozen cokes.

                  Happy weekend!

                14. Vicki says:

                  LOL at your dessert! Very creative! Great feast.

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