Friday Feast #107


    What color is your car?
    Vehicle 1 – Black
    Vehicle 2 – Black
    Vehicle 3 – Black
    Vehicle 4 – Red
    We have a mini parking lot at our house! Thankfully we have a long driveway and a big garage!


    If you could wake up tomorrow with full training in another occupation and a job in that field, what would it be?
    CEO of my own Interior Design Company. My dream!!!!

      How many times in your life have you had the flu (or something similar)?
      Too many times to remember! I had Lyme Disease many moons ago and since then my immune system has never been the same!

        Main Course
        What is something that has happened to you this week that you didn’t expect?
        I found my figure again! Losing weight is a fun thing!! Was fitted for a new bra and found out I lost a size and a cup! Woo Hoo! D

          How old were you when you had your first kiss?
          I was about 12 and he was my aunt’s brother-in-law (he was 12 too, there were 6 brother’s in the family!) He was not only my first kiss, but my first boyfriend! I saw him last October at my cousin, his niece’s, wedding. We laughed over our “first kiss” story with our spouses and family!

            Wanna join the Feast? Go here to play!

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              9 Responses to Friday Feast #107

              1. Ma says:

                Great feast! Your main course is fantastic and congrats on that. I liked your dessert too.

                I’m up, come and dine.

              2. Jami says:

                Congratulations on your main course! For some reason, the first place I always lose weight is my fingers – my rings start falling off.

                my feast is up!

              3. Wystful1 says:

                Once again Yellow Rose, a fine feast. Now if only I could find a parking space around your home! *wink*

                Mine’s served.

              4. deb says:

                There was something magical about being 12 years old ;~)

              5. melli says:

                LOL! We have a parking lot at MY house too! 6 drivers in the family – plus boyfriends and girlfriends coming over. My once nice yard now usually has 2 or 3 vehicles parked in it! Ahhhh… this too shall pass! Right? Please say it will!

                Congratulations on your MAIN COURSE! That is wonderful! I remember the day I got my new bras — it really made me feel good!

              6. Margie says:

                I pray that God will someday soon serve your soup to you! Great feast. -M

              7. Your feast is great. I love it from your Appetizer down to your dessert.
                Thanks for stopping by.

              8. eph2810 says:

                You sure have a lot of cars grin .

                Interior Designer – woa – that is cool. Should have thought of that one.

              9. This was a good one dear YR!
                Congratulations on your figure and being sooooo successful with your diet!
                I APPLAUD YOU!

                Four adults? Four cars. It sounds like Los Angeles. (LOL)

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