Random Thursday Thirteen


    1. Thursday is day four since I started on Jenny Craig! So far so good! It’s a lot more food than I am use to eating in a day. The food is delicious! My favorite so far, the double double chocolate cake!!! Who knew on a diet such yummy stuff!!


    2. Big D started on Wednesday, he had to wait on our doctors approval since he has Type 2 Diabetes. I called him around 12:30 to see how he was doing once he started, and he was doing great. It’s so much easy doing this together!!

    3. We go in this weekend for our first weigh-in…I am hoping for good results! We want to lose as much as we can before our cruise in October!

    4. Miss Priss has been sick this past week, she has been generous enough to pass it on to me and her brother. I feel awful right now. One of those nice summer colds….makes you feel lousy this time of year, especially in this heat!

    5. Speaking of heat, my flowers are not doing well in this heat! I am going to pot new flowers in all my pots in the next few weeks before my in-laws come up. It’s not that I mind…I enjoy potting! Plus I have to make the place look good for the in-laws…and I am on the neighborhood yard community, I should at least have my yard looking decent! LOL

    6. Speaking of in-laws….hubby informed me that they will be here approximately two weeks around the end of August. Wasn’t expecting that. They want to take a trip up to the Smokies while they are here…so we’ll be doing a lot of running around. We’ll keep them busy! )

    7. We have a wedding to attend, (one of hubby’s employee’s daughter) I have to find a new dress. Any excuse for shopping, right? It’s an evening wedding with dinner reception, so I have to find something formal. This will be the first time that I will be meeting some of my husband’s employee’s….so I have to look good, know what I mean?

    8. I mentioned in a post on Tuesday but I want to mention it again here, be sure to welcome “Musing of a Mad Mother” to the Blogsphere! She is a good friend of mine and you will find out for yourself that she has a great sense of humor and that she has a knack for writing!!

    9. Speaking of friends….Lazy Daisy is going to be a “DIVA,” that’s grandmother to all you in the normal world! She is going to be a fantastic “Diva,” she’ll spoil that baby rotten, and that’s what she’s suppose to do! Go over and congratulate her!!

    10. Miss Priss is involved with a Christian concert venue, this Friday night the theme is comic book characters. The workers are dressing up and anyone who attends who does gets in free. Everyone is having fun getting their costumes together. Miss Priss is going as “Poison Ivy.” She was this several years ago, I made her an awesome costume, but of course we can’t find it. So guess what we are doing? Making a new costume…I’ll take pictures. We are going a whole new route on this one…a little funkier!


    11. I watched a really heartwarming movie the other night on ON-Demand, titled “When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.” The little guy from Jerry Maguire, Jonathan Lipnicki stars in it and the story is one that will capture your heart. If you get the chance, see this movie!


    12. I bought a pedometer to chart how many steps I take a day……so far, I’m not impressed with my steps. I need to “step it up”….pun intended! Though I was surprised how many steps I take just around the house! Do any of you use a pedometer?

    13. Anyone else on Jenny Craig? How long? How have you done? Give me some info! I’d love to hear your story!

    Happy Thursday!!

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    30 Responses to Random Thursday Thirteen

    1. WendyWings says:

      That cake looks good, have fun finding a dress I hope it is not as stressful as my dress buying was lol.
      YEAH for LD I had no idea I am heading over there now. !!

    2. A co worker did Jenny Craig, she lost a ton. Then she quit it and gained it back. It’s all portion control. When you don’t have time to do your own portion’s, I think places like Jenny craig are the answer. Good luck with it!

    3. Jenn says:

      Good luck on your diet!!!

    4. Kimmy says:

      Hello Yellow Rose! I’ve posted my first 13 in a long time… I’ve missed it, but remember why it hurts so badly to visit “everyone”.
      Congrats to you and hubby for joining Jenny Craig. That cake looks delicious!
      Miss Priss’s outfit will be pretty cool!
      Good luck with the in-laws and flowers… my flowers aren’t liking the heat either. Makes me sad. Not like I could do much in the garden, but they were looking so nice.
      Take care!

    5. Tracie says:

      Can I have some of that cake even if I’m not doing Jenny Craig??

      Good luck with your diet!

    6. Hope you have lots of success with Jenny Craig! I joined Weight Watchers on January 1 and so far have lost 34.2 lbs. If you’re interested, I just blogged about my experiences and included some tips I’ve gleaned along the way:


    7. kontan says:

      good luck on JC!

      happy thursday!

    8. ~ Stacy ~ says:

      I’m curious; how many steps a day have you taken? I’ve thought about using one of those pedometers, just to make myself feel less guilty about not doing 1-3 miles on my glider every day.

      Sounds like you have a busy few days ahead of you. I wish ya the best with everything; the diet, the inlaws [heh], the wedding, and shopping beforehand. Hope you find the perfect outfit. )

    9. Kailani says:

      Great list! Good luck with Jenny Craig!

    10. dawn says:

      Congrats on the diet, I cant ever get diets to work more than a week or two…and that is with their food. I hope that you feel better, My youngest has had a horrid time with allergies and the “unhealthy” air around here

    11. Raggedy says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you..

    12. laura says:

      one of the nurse practitioners i work with has lost so far 50 lbs with jenny craig. she says she has 20 more to go but i think she looks fab now. good luck to you!
      my tt is up too.

    13. Tanya says:

      Good luck with the weight loss. That cake looks divine!!

    14. Haven’t heard Jenny Craig but if it really is working I wouldn’t hesitate to try. How many steps are you required from the pedometer a day. Just curious.
      My T13 is up too and hope you enjoy the tour.

    15. Good Luck on the weight loss… Can you eat cake that looks as sinful as that during a diet???

      BTW I just love yellow roses…

      Hope your cold gets better soon

    16. I visited ur friends website, but since I dont use blogger, I cannot leave her a comment… May be you could pass it on…

      To Musings of a Mad Mom…
      Welcome to the world of Blogging… Don’t worry, you can do it, & I really mean it. Started blogging recently myself, and thought it a bit confusing in the beginning, but it really is fun & quite addictive as you learn new things everyday and make more & more friends… Happy Blogging!!!

    17. christen says:

      i keep meaning to buy a pedometer but just haven’t gotten around to it. keep up the good work with jenny. good luck everything else.

      i’ve posted 13 too at

    18. Meredith says:

      Good luck with Jenny Craig!!!

    19. Lazy Daisy says:

      So you’re going to Pot eh? OR was that you were going to pot some plants (tee hee!) You go sis…here’s to seeing LESS of you! You and Big D rock!

    20. Debbie says:

      Any method that helps someone take off the pounds is good. Just work hard after you quit to not take them back on! And the heat is doind terrible things to my yard! And I didn’t even plant flowers!
      My T13 is up! I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

    21. Sandy says:

      Seems like everyone is trying to lose weight anymore but that is good…everyone needs too. I am doing well and loving it. did you see the picture of Melli? she is looking good!! I just go to Curves and try to watch what I eat. I am losing slow but that is the best way everyone says…My TT is up too…you get to learn today..smile!!

    22. carmen says:

      crossing my fingers for you on the first weigh in.

    23. Gail says:

      Yum, double chocolate cake sounds good! Formal weddings are fun and too much heat here for flowers!
      I played.

    24. Jane says:

      WOW..that cake looks delish! You, me and Daisy are all on a diet…we’re soul sisters don’t ya think?
      My T13 is up. Have a great day.

    25. Mom Carver says:

      Great TT…….love the Diva!!! My TT is up.

    26. Sherri says:

      glad you are enjoying Jenny! Jenny is one of the few diets I’ve never tried. I’ve been using the Insulin Resistent Diet for over a year now…it’s become a way of life!

      my list is up:)

    27. Karen says:

      Good Luck on Jenny Craig and keep us posted on teh weight loss! I will have to tell my mom she is a Diva… ) She will love it.
      My TT is up!

    28. mar says:

      a diet allowing double double chocolate cake? hey, it sounds like my kind of diet, never heard of it (maybe because I am not in the US) but will check it out. Looking for a dress? I am sure you’ll find a pretty one, just post a pic )
      Happy TT, stay well and happy while I’m gone!

    29. deb says:

      I, too, have been doing Weight Watchers (again lol). Good luck with your new Jenny Craig plan! My daughter worked with a lady who lost 45 lbs. on that plan…it worked very well for her as I’m sure it will for you )

    30. Stacy says:

      Ooh, that cake actually looks good – good luck on the diet! The cruise will be fun, I bet, where are you going? I have a pedometer and only get my 10,000 steps a day if I go walking or shopping or running errands. I don’t wear it as much as I should, maybe I need to go put it on right now! )

      Feel better soon; hope you have a great day! My T13 is up too…

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