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Did I Ever Tell You About Rock City?

When I was a kid, we would take trips to Tennessee to visit my grandparents, on those trips we would visit various tourist attractions. One of those attractions that has always been a favorite of mine was Rock City. This weekend we went to Chattanooga, Tennessee and spent the day sightseeing.

The Incline!

We first stopped at the “Incline” at Lookout Mountain! Now, my memories of this was a ski lift type of ride up the mountain where your legs dangled as you rode on a bar chair with a little bar draped across your lap. Let it be known, I never rode that ride!! If my feet dangle, I ain’t ridin’! But they have changed things up and now you sit in a nice little trolley and ride up the steepest mile long incline, and let me tell you, it is steep!!

After our little trip up and down the mountain, we headed over to “Rock City.” It is different and then again it’s a lot like I remembered. As you walked through the garden areas, there is beautiful flowers, (I was in heaven!) and plants everywhere!


There are paths to follow and rock formations to view and maneuver around. This one is called The Needle’s Eye and it was very narrow! My claustrophobia kicked in when I stepped in there! To see what a tight fit, here’s Big D walking through…..

The Needle’s Eye

Being a rather “busty” woman I was kind of concerned going through there! You have to kind of maneuver, but I made it!

One of the things I did remember as a kid is the swinging bridge. I have a picture somewhere, but I can’t find right now to prove it, but I did cross it back then, but I didn’t this time! I will be honest and say, I’m a chicken! I chose the stable, sturdy, non-rocking stone bridge! Big D and Bubba crossed over on the swinging bridge though and I have proof!

The Swinging Bridge

They maybe smiling in the picture but when they got off they both looked a little green! Apparently there was a little too much swinging on the bridge for them! It was quite amusing, for me that is.

Walking around Rock City and standing a “Lovers Leap” looking out over the beautiful panoramic view it was very reminiscent of when I was a kid. I remember doing the same thing many years ago.


The one place I remembered was “Fairyland” a land of gnomes and fairytales!
Friendly Gnome Band

This was not only a very pleasant day with my two favorite men (Miss Priss is in Myrtle Beach this week), but it was also a trip down memory lane. Sure it wasn’t as “grand” as I remembered but it sure was fun! Stayed tuned, you’ll hear about the rest of our adventures later in the week!

Happy Monday!

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15 Responses to Monday Memory!

  1. Samantha says:

    sounds like you had a great time ) *peeking at the swinging bridge pic* you wouldn’t be able to PAY me to get on that thing!!!

  2. Norma says:

    Although I don’t remember why or when, but on a trip through KY and TN we kept seeing billboards for Rock City, but never visited. You’ve made it sound very real, and a fun place to visit. Thanks.

    And thanks for stopping by the wooden boat show at my blog.

  3. Very beautiful photos. Needle eye is really very narrow. i wouldn’t have made it. Swinging bridge is really cool. But the cave down there, I do have phobia on caves.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Debbie says:

    I have been on the incline but never to Rock City. Maybe next week when we are on vacation. Your memory made it really look like fun! Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for visiting my MM too!Your kind words mean alot!

  5. killired says:

    hi yellow! i’m not a monday memory participant and probably never will be… too many other memes to do! but i wanted to comment on this! my brother just bought my mom a rock city birdhouse for her birthday! it’s so cool looking and can house up to 6 different bird families!!!!

  6. Lazy Daisy says:

    I remember going to Rock City (seems like 100 years ago). Thanks for the time machine back to a pleasant childhood memory. (You busty wench!) Two good looking guys to accompany you..sounds like a good time! Blessings this 4th my little firecracker!

  7. Beckie says:

    Living in the mid-Atlantic, I’ve heard of this all my life and haven’t been yet! What fantastic pictures and wonderful memories. You’d never catch me on that swinging bridge either!

    My MM is up.

  8. Ma says:

    That was a great Monday Memory and filled with awesome pictures. I think I would look green too, if I just walked over that bridge. :8

    I’m up.

  9. mar says:

    Thanks for the trip to Rock City! it certainly rocks! only the swinging bridge is not meant for me! couldn’t do it, just couldn’t! The Needle’s eye looks too narrow,even though I am tiny. Fairyland is cute. Good to know we will be getting more on this! Happy monday, Yellow Rose!

  10. Michelle says:

    I love to go places and do all the touristy stuff! With my camera in tote! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  11. WOW! Memories!! When I was about 2 my parents loaded all 4 of us in the car and we went to The Smokey Mountains. Then years later as a teen my parents took me and they were so disappointed at how “commercialized” it had become. Sounds like your trip was far better! The swinging bridge? No thanks! I’d be GREEN too! lol and I have your new URL now. Happy 4th Yellowrose!

  12. Rock City is a beautiful by way of your pictures. I will have to add that to my list of places I’d love to visit. And I am with you on the swaying bridge; I don’t think I could have crossed it either. (I didn’t play today but was in the mood to surf)

  13. Mary says:

    I have always seen and made fun of the signs “See Rock City” “See Ruby Falls” when we would travel as a family back in the day! But sad to say, I’ve never been to either place.

  14. Susie says:

    I wish I had known that you were here! We could have had lunch. ) Rock City is not too far from my house… about 20 miles away, I guess. It is a beautiful place to be. The only things I don’t care for is the Needle’s Eye (used to be called “Fat Man’s Squeeze”) and the Swinging Bridge. My favorite part is always at the end in Fairyland Caverns. I can feel 4 years old again while I’m in there.

  15. viamarie says:

    Looks like a very nice place to visit. Hope I’ll have the chance to see it.

    Beautiful memories were surely created.

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