Miss Priss!

What a weekend!!! Just a fast post to show you a picture of Miss Priss as she looked on Saturday night in her cap and gown at graduation.


I’ll post more later…..I’m so tired right now I can’t see straight! Our company has all left, so I’m sad…..it was so great having my dad, step-mom and aunt here celebrating with us. I can’t believe my baby is out of school!!


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8 Responses to Miss Priss!

  1. Lazy Daisy says:

    Awww…I’m in purple puddles. What an amazing day! Glad it went well. It’s nice to see them all come but enjoy the “down time” now.

  2. Suzy says:

    Miss Priss looks absolutely adorable! Ahhhh, brings back such sweet memories for me! Congratulations on graduation Miss Priss!!

  3. Lifecruiser says:

    What a feeling it must be! I’m glad for both of you – congratulations for the well done job -)

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Yellow Rose,


    Also, glad ya made it to the top of Kennesaw Mountain.

    I can see from here but I don’t anticipate climbing it anytime soon )

    Just blogging by and catching up, after being sidetracked the last month.

    Just got back from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and it was totally awesome.


    Writing for the King,


  5. Michele says:

    OT, I saw your comment on Blogging Chicks. Email me and I will send you the code.

  6. mar says:

    Congratulations! Miss Priss looks lovely, happy and just full of life. Wonderful. My countdown until graduation day is up. I cannot believe it either…

  7. Lightseeker says:

    Please pass this note to Miss Priss for me!

    **Congrats Miss Priss!!! I know your mom and dad are extremely proud of you. It couldn’t have been easy to graduate with a bunch of kids you just met this year, but by the smile on your face it looks like you adjusted well! God bless you on this new chapter in your life!***

  8. Ma says:

    Congratulations Ms Priss! Now onward to the bigger stuff! )

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