Thursday Thirteen – Things I Couldn’t Live Without!

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Thirteen Things I Couldn’t Live Without!

1. My Husband….he’s my rock, my best friend, and I couldn’t imagine sharing my life with anyone but him. We’ve been through it all….sickness, layoffs, you name it, but whatever we went through it just brought us closer together.


2. My kids, they are my life. Both in their own special way. Both have special talents, both have personalities that are unique and that are lovable! And if I say so myself they are just so darn good-looking!


3. Ok, enough of the serious stuff…Chocolate…I couldn’t live without chocolate!

chocolate cheesecake



4. Iced Tea…I love me some good ol’ iced tea with Splenda. I always have a big jug (that’s about what it is) with me during the day.

5. Flowers in my yard…like this one…isn’t it pretty?




6. Carmex….that little yellow tube of lip goo! I’m addicted to this stuff!

7. My computer…hate to admit it, but I’d go completely bonkers if I lost my computer! Even when I am out of pocket for just a few days, I go through withdrawals! Sad, I know.

8. Friends! I couldn’t make it without them! Whether they are near or far, it’s wonderful to have friends who truly care about you and accept you for who you are.

9. Right at the moment, I couldn’t live without my migraine medication! )

10. I couldn’t live without those days where I can sleep in late and just be able to spend the day with my honey around the house. Some of my favorite days! 

11. Books! I love to read….I can’t imagine not being able to lay in bed at night and not having a book to read!

12. Music….I have to have music playing, it doesn’t matter where I am at, in the car, in the office, in the bathroom….music will be playing!

13. God….without Him, I couldn’t make it one day, one minute, one second.

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51 Responses to Thursday Thirteen – Things I Couldn’t Live Without!

  1. JK :) says:

    I cant live with my three dogs, really. I love them to bits! I cant live without the computer too, and internet!

    Happy weekend )

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