Wordless Wednesday!

Another beautiful rose picture I took while in Texas, this was at Big D’s grandmothers.

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                24 Responses to Wordless Wednesday!

                1. WendyWings says:

                  That is so perfect it almost doesn’t look real )
                  Happy Wednesday.

                2. Wish someone would give me that same red rose on Mother’s Day.

                3. feedscott says:

                  Roses are Red
                  Violets are Blue
                  Your name is Yellow Roses
                  Why is Your Rose Red to?


                4. mar says:

                  Wonderful rose! congrats on your new home!! I took flower pics last monday, thought of you while photographing a yellow rose!

                5. Chi says:

                  Absolutely stunning rose! I can almost smell its lovely scent. *s*

                6. Chaotic Mom says:

                  That’s so gorgeous I can almost smell it! )

                7. Wystful1 says:


                  My W W is published

                8. Mary says:

                  Great pic! My WW is up too! Congrats on the move from blogger!

                9. Leanne says:

                  You’re here! You made it! Congratulations! I’m going to be your first trackback, you know. )

                  Beautiful rose!

                10. presentstorm says:

                  Very nice.. I live in Texas and we do indeed have some awesome blooming happening right now. Everywhere I look I see God’s beauty bursting into bloom.

                  P.S. good song .. I have not heard this in forever…

                11. Pat says:

                  Love roses!!

                12. Liz says:

                  Sweet new digs, YR!

                13. PJ says:

                  Great close up, I love roses too.
                  Your new blog is beautiful.

                14. ~ stacy ~ says:

                  Gorgeous! I canalmost smell the fragrance. )

                15. ribbiticus says:

                  spectacular! my ww’s up! )

                16. susan says:

                  Beautiful, absolutely lovely!!happy WW!

                17. Courtney says:

                  Beautiful photo!

                18. suzy says:

                  I always love your flower pictures… Makes you want to scratch and sniff your screen!

                19. killired says:

                  yay! another pretty pix of a flower for WW… this is the 3rd one and all 3 are so different and pretty!

                  finally made it thru the WW blogroll… so now I am going to update my BR with your new link!

                20. Michelle says:

                  How beautiful! I did a flower pic for my WW too!

                21. Wendy says:

                  Great picture!!!

                22. Janice says:


                  my ww is up too!

                23. LibertyBelle says:

                  a rose..
                  is a rose
                  is a rose
                  bery beautiful!
                  My WW is up. Please take a moment to ready my HEY BLOGGERS! – Thanks.

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