Thursday Thirteen #13 What I Learned On My Cruise

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    Thirteen Things I Learned While On My Cruise!

        1. You will never go hungry on a cruise! You can graze at all hours of the day! Even if you don’t feel like leaving your stateroom, order room service! To top it all off, the food is DELICIOUS!!

        2. No matter what hour of the day, there is something to do. There is never a dull moment on board!

          3. If you have never been on a cruise, caution is to be taken when flushing the commode! That sucker will scare the living daylights out of ya! It can suck a young child down it in two seconds flat if you aren’t careful!

            4. I have a new fondness of towel animals!


                  5. While shopping at the Straw Market in Nassau DO NOT mention in jest that you should buy Cuban cigars for your buddies back home! This will lead to at least five or more Bahamanians trying very hard to sell you Cuban cigars!!

                    6. Also while shopping at the Straw Market, be sure to check all your bills when given change!! Big D was given a counterfeit $10, which was so obvious! He calmly told the woman he like another. She looked at him and said, “Hey Mon, this is your money!” Which he calmly replied, “No it’s not, so I’ll take another!” She then laughed and gave him another ten, this one was real. After that, we checked every bill!!

                      7. To avoid disappointment, if you think you will see alot of Atlantis in a few hours, you are wrong! That place is huge and you need a few days to cover it! We are planning our next vacation there!

                          The Atlantis

                            8. I couldn’t get over how blue the water was….I mean Blue Blue!! Beautiful!! And in that pretty blue water are sharks, very big sharks! That was something to see!

                              9. The nightly shows on board were great! The young people were very talented and really put on some dynamite shows each night! Be sure to go to the shows…you won’t be disappointed!

                              10. The Casino was alot of fun! We played some and I even entered a slot tournament! I was in 3rd place till about the 6th round….then they bumped me off the board! Oh well, it was alot of fun!

                                11. Now here’s a tip I learned from Yanto our waiter in the dining room. When eating by a window (which we did) eat facing in the direction of the way the ship is going. This way you are less likely to get sick. Believe me, it works!

                                  12. Take my word on this….Attend the Midnight Gala Buffet!! Not only is the food to die for, but it is a work of art with ice sculptures, vegetable and fruit sculptures, chocolate sculptures…you name it, it’s sculptured!

                                    Just one of the tables at the Gala Buffet!

                                      13. We enjoyed our cruise, this was a great starter cruise for us. Our next one we would like to go on a bigger ship. See we are becoming cruise snobs already! lol

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                                                        35 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #13 What I Learned On My Cruise

                                                        1. Lazy Daisy says:

                                                          Finally some crusin news! Love your pictures and it’s nice to know of your new affection for towel animals (hee, hee). uh oh….you’re already planning on leaving again??

                                                        2. mar says:

                                                          Glad to hear you had such a good time. Lovely pics and I love the towel animals! Did you learn how to make them :¬)? My TT is up, you already know that! now off to cream my hands…

                                                        3. Suzy says:

                                                          Wow! Do they really fold the towels like that?!? How cool!

                                                        4. TNChick says:

                                                          Love the towel animals!That cool. )

                                                        5. Emily says:

                                                          everything looked so AMAZING! someday, hopefully i’ll get to experience it myself!
                                                          thanks for visiting my 13 : )

                                                        6. Kimmy says:

                                                          Mmm… food buffets all day long. And good buffets. Yummy!

                                                          Love the pics. Glad you enjoyed your cruise!

                                                          My 13 are up!

                                                        7. Karin says:

                                                          Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Love the towel animals…lol!

                                                        8. Norma says:

                                                          For real pampering, we are sold on cruises. Glad yours was all you expected and more–except for the phoney $10.

                                                          Thanks for visiting my TT.

                                                        9. Leanne says:

                                                          I love those towel animals, too! I saw them on a commercial and hope Disney is doing that this year, I will totally snag one in its perfection and box it up. How cool are those!

                                                          Great pics, again – like little postcards. What wonderful views!

                                                        10. Tanya says:

                                                          Glad you had a great time. The pictures are stunning. And great stories to tell for many years.

                                                          Thanks for visiting my 13.

                                                        11. I gained 4 pounds on our first cruise. On the second I walked more and worked out some and did not gain any.

                                                          Glad to hear your cruise was so much fun!

                                                          My 13 is working on the 3:36 PM buffet right now over at

                                                        12. WendyWings says:

                                                          It sounds like you had an amazing time, love the towel animals. Housekeeping at disney does that too.
                                                          I finally got my TT up come and take a guess it is an interactive list this time lol.

                                                        13. Ocean Lady says:

                                                          You must be very relaxed after such a wondrous trip. Sounds like heaven! I wish we could go on one. I love the towel elephant. )

                                                        14. owlhaven says:

                                                          sounds like fun!


                                                        15. I have been trying to open your page for weeks now! It finally opened for me!! Yippeee!!!

                                                          Can I fit in your suitcase when you go on your next cruise??


                                                        16. Joan says:

                                                          Cruises are the greatest way to vacation. We just got back from our 4th! I don’t THINK I gained any weight this time!!

                                                        17. eph2810 says:

                                                          Thank you for sharing your adventure. ) The towl animal is just too cool. I love chocolate, but can’t eat it any longer – break out like a teen *grin*

                                                        18. i’ve been to that straw market, i’m terrible at haggling prices though. we took a plane, not a cruise, never done the cruise thing.

                                                        19. Mama Kelly says:

                                                          OMGs that towel animal is absolutely adorable!!!

                                                          my 13 is up


                                                        20. Barbara says:

                                                          You speak the truth

                                                        21. Ma says:

                                                          The picture at the top of your page is the double hibiscus plant. I planted one of thos in my yard and it’s the same color. )

                                                          Great pictures! Look at that buffet table. Yummy!

                                                        22. craziequeen says:

                                                          [looks incredibly jealous]



                                                        23. Glad your back, my dear…I didn’t realize that two weks dissappeared soooo fast! HELP! (lol) And it sounds like you had a GREAT time, YR…So Happy For You!

                                                        24. That’s a beautiful flower. Is it a gumamela? It looks like. Other pics are quite cool. Nice you have fun. Cruising is only in my dreams.

                                                        25. T. says:

                                                          Nice pics. The towel animals are something I have never seen before… Glad you enjoyed your trip. Hope you can enjoy many more to come.

                                                          Michele sent me.

                                                        26. Dave says:

                                                          Hi popped by from Michele’s.

                                                        27. T. says:

                                                          Lovely pics. The towel animals are really neat. I hope you get to enjoy many more cruises.

                                                          Michele sent me.

                                                        28. Yaeli says:

                                                          You had me sold with the towel animals!!!!

                                                          Michele sent me.

                                                        29. Katherine says:

                                                          Oh, I remember those towel animals from my cruise – too fun! They’d be hanging from the light fixture when we’d walk in. Sounds like you had a great time – so happy for you!

                                                        30. Carmi says:

                                                          My wife has always wanted to take a cruise. I’m hoping we get to take one sometime soon: know anyone who wants to take care of three beautiful kids while their parents sail the high seas?

                                                          Thanks for a wonderful view into a very cool way to vacation.

                                                        31. Mama B says:

                                                          Sounds like you had a good old time!! I would love to go on a cruise one day.

                                                        32. What a fun post, YR! I think I took the same cruise! I went a few years back with a couple of girlfriends. (Before I was married.) We had A BLAST! I got to cruise for a few days in Egypt. Our cabin guy was a MASTER at folding towels into creatures. But he went one step further. He would dress them in any clothes that we had around. He once took a colorful skirt and turned the towel into a peacock! Or he would take our sunglasses and put them on a “face”! Pretty goofy, but fun! I hope you get to go again!

                                                        33. PresentStorm says:

                                                          Sounds awesome .. Everyone I have ever known that has been on a cruise has talked about the food…lol

                                                          It really must be something.

                                                          Here via Michele again…

                                                        34. Killired says:

                                                          i cant believe i missed your T13 this week! i love it! i can’t believe that crap with the fake money… i mean i can, but i would never think about that happening… good thing it was obvious and you caught it!!!! makes ya wonder how many people get taken by them!

                                                          never been on a cruise but would love to someday! glad you had a good time!

                                                        35. Jane says:

                                                          Sorry to be so late visiting your 13. Great list. Sitting in the right direction when you are eating is VERY important.
                                                          Glad you had such a great trip.

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