Monday Memories


Big D was working as a Leadman at a Defense plant and so he decided that he could go in really early that morning and get a few things done and be back in time to get me and Bubba who was three at the time to the hospital to welcome in this world our newest member of the family.

    My how that didn’t work the way he planned. I received a call around 7:15 from Big D saying that our car was broken down on the side of the freeway. He had to walk to a grocery store that wasn’t even finished being built yet, and beg to use a phone to call me. He informed me that I was going to have to drive myself to the hospital! YEP….you read that right!!

      Mind you, I am 9 plus months pregnant, HUGE belly, can’t even see my feet, and I’m suppose to drive!! LOL The worst part was the only vehicle we had at the house was his brother-in-laws who parked it at our house, and it was a old beast! So, I gathered Bubba’s (who was 3 at the time) bag of things to keep him busy for the day, my bag, and everything I needed, loaded the Beast up and proceeded to try to get in the car. My main problem was I couldn’t reach the pedal with my short legs, and having to have the seat so far back with my big belly!! Driving to the hospital….great memory!

        I pull in the hospital parking lot and there is my mother and sister and they just look at me with their mouths open, like what on earth is going on! By then I am done with it…tired, and fed up. I get out of the car and they ask where Big D is and I just say he’s on the side of the road. LOL I proceed on to the entrance and say, come on and let’s go have this baby!

          Within an hour in walks Big D….a good Samaritan took pity on the man on the side of the road and gave him a ride to the hospital. Actually, he had called to tell us that he was on his way. A man stopped and asked Big D if he needed anything and he just said, “I need to get to the hospital, my wife is having a baby!” The man said hop in I’ll get you there!! LOL

            To add to the insanity of the day, after Big D gets in and sees that everything is going well, he sheepishly looks at me and says, “I locked the keys in the car. I have to go back and get them.” At that point, I couldn’t do anything but laugh….it was like a bad comedy you see at 3:00 in the morning!

              By the time he got back, the action had begun, contractions started and things were hopping! When my water broke, because of the monitors, it actually resounded throughout the room…everyone looked at me and said what was that? It was really weird! LOL Just something else to add to the weirdness of the day!

                When the nurse told me I could start pushing I did…I was great at it apparently, because she yelled at me to stop after the first push! Baby had crowned!!! The doctor had just left to go back to his office, so she is yelling for someone to call him back, she’s telling Big D to go suit up, my mom is looking bewildered saying, “All ready?” And the nurse is telling me “NO!” when she see’s the pushing is happening and it’s out of my control!! I’m being rolled out of the room (this is before the fancy suites they have now!) and in the hallway the nurse tells me “Do not push!” I look her in the eyes and say, “YOU DON”T PUSH! This baby is coming out!”

                  They get me on the delivery table and I wish we had a video camera…(not the gross shots, but for the action that took place and how fast it was)…all this happened so fast…I pushed one more time, the doctor came running in…slid into the stool….caught Miss Priss as she came out! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

                    9 Responses to Monday Memories

                    1. Sarah says:

                      Oh, how cute! Funny story! Things never work out as planned!

                    2. Rowan says:

                      We both wrote about our daughter’s births today. How fun! It sounds like we both had super speedy pushes, too. Isn’t that the best part?

                      My MM

                    3. mandy says:

                      sometimes weird? pshhh im the most normal person in this family.

                    4. Ma says:

                      What a great and funny story. the same thing happened to me with my first baby. But they didn’t have to induce. she was born two hours after I started labor. they had no time to prep me or anything. she just came right out just as the Dr. was sitting himself in the chair. What a time that was, cause the nurses were going crazy cause the delivery rooms were so busy that day.

                    5. Lazy Daisy says:

                      Ahhh…..what a cutie…definitely worth all the comotion! See, you could have triplets with no sweat! Now that you have big kids everyone could handle one baby….see I think of everything for you

                    6. Wonderful story YellowRose! It’s like “The Perils Of Pauline”, isn’t it? And what a beautiful daughter you have, my dear….Beautiful pictures of her, too!

                    7. mar says:

                      Great story, Yellow Rose! Now that you can look back and smile while telling it ) Pretty pics, cute girl!

                    8. Theresa says:

                      Don’t you love it when they tell you not to push? Like you are going to be able to stop it? Sheesh! Great birth story!

                    9. Lightseeker says:

                      Wonderful story!! Her baby picture looks ALOT like yours that you posted on Jude2!!! You would have passed for twins!!

                      Love ya!!

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