­ ­

      Now I love to go out to eat, but I believe I will pass on this little place! The idea of sitting on toilets and eating over the sink, well…..GROSS!!

          How would you like to have that guys job? Man how did he get so lucky to be the pole? Did he draw the short straw or just happen to be the last guy into work that day? Gee….what is going through his mind right about now? “Please make it over! I sing bass, I don’t want to sing soprano!!!!” Since it looks like he’s in the military or some kind of police force, it looks like he really didn’t have a choice in doing this, doesn’t it? I actually feel sorry for the dufus. I hope he walked away not singing soprano. )

            Update on my dad: He had his checkup with the very handsome heart surgeon this morning. He’s doing wonderful, dad that is. ) He’s off the oxygen and goes back in three weeks. He sounds great. He called from IHop, it’s the first time he’s gone out since he’s been home and he’s feeling good….I’m so happy!!!

              Disclaimer: If you go to the website that is stamped on the pictures, please be warned, there are some photos on there that some may find offensive, I know I did. As with anything on the net, you have to use your judgement. Just wanted to warn you before you went clicking away!! )

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                  7 Responses to WSW

                  1. mar says:

                    I love to go to new restaurants, but I am with you, I wouldn’t enjoy a meal sitting on a toilet, no matter how new it is…

                  2. Claire says:

                    Yikes scary photo’s!

                    Glad you’re Dad is doing well.

                  3. Killired says:

                    yea, the toilet thing is a little gross to eat at, no matter how new and clean they are…

                  4. Lazy Daisy says:

                    Wow, talk about one of the world worst jobs! Yeah for your dad and the cute doctor. How are you? Finally rested up now?

                  5. YellowRose says:

                    Mar – Toliets and food…just don’t spell appetite for me. Know what I mean?

                    Claire – Thank you!!

                    Killired – Yeah…there’s no way!!

                    Daisy – One of the worst jobs I can think of!! LOL I’m doing well, finally rested up!!

                  6. KaraMia says:

                    hi, here via michele today

                  7. Oh My!!!! Both of these truly are weird! Sitting on Toilets and eating over siks????I DON’t THINK SO! Is this a popular restaurant???
                    And NO, I would not want to be that guy as ‘The Post’…(LOL) The world has gone mad!!!

                    Here from Michele today!

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