A Big Thank You!!

    First let me say a HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented here yesterday from Michele’s! Michele picked me as the “Site for the Day” and I can’t tell you how extremely honored I was! If you have never been to Michele’s site please pay her a visit, she really has a way of bringing people together and her site is a lot of fun!

      The holidays are behind us, Big D is back to work, and I have to admit I’m a little depressed. I got quite comfortable with him home with us for the week. Now don’t get me wrong, he did drive me nuts at times, as most men tend to do when they are home from work for long periods of times….come on women, you know what I’m talking about, fess up, admit it! We have a routine, a way of doing things and when our men are home during the day it just, well, screws it all up! So my routine was screwed up several times, but it was ok, I enjoyed having him home and the kids enjoyed spending time with their dad. He enjoyed the rest! He certainly needed it.

        Can you believe I still have my Christmas tree up! Yeah neither can I. But let me explain, we are having friends over to watch The Rose Bowl and well, my friend wanted to see my tree and decorations, so I have kept them up…also, no one has wanted to tackle putting them up this past week. So thus the reason the decorations are still up…..I have to admit, I have enjoyed them, but they are starting drive me nuts!! It’s time to pack them away for another year! So Thursday I will be putting Christmas decorations up….oh yeah! Any volunteers out there to help? Yeah, I didn’t think so. LOL Lucky for me Miss Priss is doesn’t go back to school till next week and Bubba doesn’t start till next week….so….guess who’s helping momma?! LOL

          We have done a lot of movie watching in the last week…one of my favorites has been “The Phantom of the Opera.” It was beautiful! A couple years ago, Big D received an Award of Excellence at work, because of this we were given a trip to a resort for the Awards Ceremony so he could receive his award. At the ceremony the entertainment was spectacular, the theme of the night was Broadway! When we arrived they had actors walking around the cocktail area in costumes from the play CATS…yes, the men loved that. Everything was very showbiz, red carpet, reporters, the works! I was even stopped and interviewed by a reporter (the MC actually) but what got me was when I saw my face splashed on two humungous screens in the front of the ballroom…but I kept my composure and was a pro! The MC even came back to me later that evening for more! It became a joke at our table that I had become a star! ) Oh back to my point…..the entertainment for the night was Davis Gaines, who played The Phantom on Broadway for five and a half years.

              It was amazing to hear this man sing not only songs from “The Phantom of the Opera,” but also songs from other plays he has been in including, “Hello, Dolly!,” & “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” to name a few! It was a night to remember!! I’ll have to dig up the pictures I took, (it was before we had a digital, ugh) and post them one day! Seeing the movie has only made me want to see the play even more. I can only imagine it on stage, live. Beautiful!
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                5 Responses to A Big Thank You!!

                1. Jane says:

                  LOVE Phantom…my favorite!

                  You have been tagged…visit my blog to see what that means!

                2. WendyWings says:

                  My tree is still up too, in fact BOTH of them lol, my children are home until the 7th of FEB !!

                  BTW I have a 48 hour “casting call” on my blog if you want to take part )

                3. Jen says:

                  I still have my Christmas tree up, too! I don’t even have a good reason for it, unless you count “I’m really lazy and very far behind…”

                  That sounds like a fabulous party! I would love that -) That’s so cool that you held it together on screen!

                  Wendy directed me here, and I’m glad I came!

                4. Well, my dear Yellowrose…the left comumn is still covering about 3/4 inch of the words..BUT, I did manage to recognize Davis Gaines, though all I could see of his name is GAINES…that gives you an idea how much is being covered over….and, WendyWings sent me here today…AND…Davis has sung in the S.T.A.G.E. Benefit probably 5 or 6 different times…He is FANTASTIC!!! And as nice as he is talented! He played “Phantom” here, as ‘The Phantom’ (for 3 or more I think….)and he always brings the house down when he has done our show…A VERY exciting talent, isn’t he?

                5. Lazy Daisy says:

                  Hey babe, your post are still squished. My T13 are up.

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